With new safety campaign, Bridgestone PH shares 7 quick tire care tips

Every car owner should practice these
by Drei Laurel | Jul 2, 2016


Bridgestone Philippines has launched its "Hindi Pwede Ang Pwede Na 'Yan" safety campaign to remind motorists to keep their tires in proper, working condition to prevent accidents--especially now that rainy season has arrived.

To kick things off, the company held a short test-drive event for the media to highlight the difference between driving on worn-out tires and doing so on properly maintained Bridgestone tires. The first test pitted bald tires against ones with proper tread depth, while the second test compared underinflated tires with properly inflated ones.

Not surprisingly, the ill-maintained sets of tires performed poorly. Running on lame tires in wet-weather conditions is extremely dangerous, so it's important for tire manufacturers to get the point across as best they can.

What's more, the company formally launched its Free Tire Check Service program, which is now available at all Bridgestone Tire Centers. But if you don't have time to drop by just yet, here are seven tire maintenance tips the company says you should remember:

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* Perform a visual check of your tires daily. If you notice any cracks or bulges on the sidewalls, have them checked. Also, be sure to take note of and remove foreign objects.

* Perform air pressure checks monthly. The tiremaker suggests checking tire pressure each time you gas up in order to maintain the recommended level. Be sure to keep a spare tire as well.

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* Check for irregular tire wear. This is when the treads are not evenly worn. If you see this, bring your tire in for diagnosis as soon as possible.

* Rotate your tires regularly. Bridgestone suggests doing this every 5,000km. Be sure to have this done at trustworthy tire centers, and make sure your tires are balanced at the same time.

* Use a tread-wear indicator. The tiremaker says the recommended tread level is around 1.6mm.

* Do not mix tires. Always change all your tires at the same time, or at least in pairs (either both front or both rear tires).

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* Don't drive like a maniac. Sudden acceleration and heavy braking can wear your tires out faster.


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