Mazda to debut BT-50 Freestyle Cab at Australian auto show

2012 will be the year of pickups
Jun 14, 2011

Mazda is set to debut the Freestyle Cab variant of the all-new BT-50 at the Australian International Motor Show in July, almost a year after the next-generation pickup truck from the Japanese carmaker first made its public debut.

The Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab takes its cue from its stablemate, the RX-8, with its center-opening door configuration, similar to what Ford showed off on its all-new Ranger nearly a month ago. According to Mazda, this particular configuration "offers a unique combination of seating for four, a wide pillar-less door opening, and a large carrying capacity."

This is made possible as the front-hinged door and rear access panel combine to provide a 1,408mm-wide opening, which makes ingress and egress via front or rear seats easy. To make room for even more cargo in the cabin, the rear seat cushions may also be removed, and with both rear access panels opening to an angle of nearly 90 degrees, loading and storing cargo into the area has never been easier.

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It's not only the cabin's interior space that has increased in the Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab as its cargo-carrying capacity has also grown. With the cargo bed increasing in width, length and height, the all-new BT-50 can now carry 1,453 liters of volume, 266 liters more than the current Freestyle Cab model.

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"Just as we were delighted to be given the privilege of hosting the global debut of the all-new BT-50 Dual Cab in Sydney last year, we are equally delighted to be hosting the global debut of the Freestyle Cab in Melbourne this year," said Mazda Australia's managing director, Doug Dickson. "With Australia expected to be the largest market for the all-new BT-50, it’s no coincidence that we’ve been asked to host not one, but two global unveilings of this important new model."

The all-new Mazda BT-50 is scheduled to go on sale in Australia later this year. Now word yet if and when Mazda Philippines will bring in the all-new BT-50 to our shores. Your thoughts?

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