McLaren celebrates MP4-12C as 2nd fastest car on Top Gear test track

Trumping the Ferrari 458 Italia in the process
Jul 12, 2011
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - McLaren celebrates MP4-12C as second fastest car around the Top Gear test track

McLaren may have missed out on a podium finish at the British Grand Prix on July 10 but the British carmaker celebrated at the end of the day nonetheless as its MP4-12C registered the second fastest time around the Top Gear test track.

With a time of one minute and 16.2 seconds, the McLaren MP4-12C beat more expensive hypercars around the Lotus-designed track like the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and the Koenigsegg CCX. More importantly, however, is that it trounced its direct competitor, the Ferrari 458 Italia--which covered the track in one minute and 19.1 seconds in 2010.

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The car that remains at the top of Top Gear's Power Board is the Ariel Atom 500, which in January 2011, set a time of one minute and 15.1 seconds to become the fastest street-legal car to go around the track.

To celebrate the feat, McLaren boss Ron Dennis cut a sponge cake that depicted the MP4-12C's time.

Watch the video below if you want to see how the MP4-12C matches up against the 458 Italia or just go forward to the nine minutes-and-39 seconds mark if you simply want to see the car set its blistering pace around the track.

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