Midweek roundup: Supercar tales and driving distractions

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May 19, 2010

1. Second episode of Audi's The Next Big Thing now up - The second part of Audi's six-episode short film is now up as Justin Timberlake's Johnny character goes behind the wheel of an Audi A1 and is chased by the bad guys before he loses them. We then find out that he has to deliver a package to a certain GPS-specified address or the head of his lovely passenger Toni (played by Dania Ramirez) will be blown off by a bomb-equipped necklace. (Source: Youtube)

2. Thieves steal hearse, take dead body for a joyride - Thieves who broke into a crematory in Cleveland, Ohio took a joy ride in a hearse with a dead body inside it. When responding police found the hearse, a note told the police where the thieves dumped the body. Sure enough, the police found the body, in a bodybag and in a gurney, at the intersection specified in the note. (Source: MSNBC)

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3. Stanford University creates robotic car that parallel parks via J-turn - Russ Swift may have some serious competition in the near future as students from Stanford University have created an autonomous car that can parallel park itself by doing a J-turn after it backs up at speed. (Source: Popsci.com)

4. Mazda dumps Canadian dealer for duping mentally-handicapped woman - The business of selling cars is a cutthroat one and a mentally-handicapped woman in Canada found this out for herself as a Mazda dealer sold her the dealership's Mazda 6 test unit for $66,000--$25,000 more than its retail value. (Source: The Star)

5. Supercar saves girl - It seems that if you fall out of a window ledge, only a supercar like an Aston Martin DB9 can save you. A woman who fell of a ledge during a party was saved from landing on cold, hard concrete by her boyfriend's £130,000 supercar. (Source: Daily Express)

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6. Driver crashes out of Rally New Zealand after being ‘mooned' - Rally driver Mark Tapper's race at the recent Rally New Zealand came to an abrupt end while tackling a fast yet blind corner when an unnamed spectator flashed his buttocks. The mooning distracted Tapper enough to lose control of his car and crash it. (Source: 3News.co.nz)

7. Mystery buyer orders 10 of 77 limited-edition Aston Martin One-77 - Maybe a single Aston Martin One-77 is not enough for an über-rich Middle Eastern businessman. A mystery man easily cut world's supply of the limited-edition vehicle by placing ten orders of the supercar--each coming in a different color scheme and cabin trim--leaving the rest of the world's billionaires just 67 units to bid on. (Source: Fox News)

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