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Senate approves bill protecting delivery riders from fake orders, cancellations

Pranksters beware
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This week, the Senate approved on the third and final reading the measure that seeks to prohibit hoax orders and protect delivery riders and drivers from canceled bookings and fake deliveries.

With 23 affirmative votes, the chamber unanimously approved Senate Bill No. 2302, which prohibits any scheme where the delivery driver or rider of food, grocery, and pharmacy items would have to make an advanced payment to fulfill orders. Under the measure, delivery service providers will be required to shoulder the cost of the bill in case of hoax orders.

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Customers will also be mandated to submit a valid proof of identity when registering to an online delivery platform, subject to data privacy laws.

Persons found guilty of canceling confirmed orders unless allowed by the delivery service, placing hoax orders, or refusing to receive unpaid orders will be slapped with a penalty of up to six months in prison and/or a fine of up to P100,000.

Delivery service providers that will require their riders to make advance payments will also be slapped with the same penalties upon conviction as well as revocation of their licenses and permits.

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