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Toyota Corolla Furia

The photo you see above is an unofficial rendition of what the new Toyota Corolla Altis might look like, based on the Corolla Furia concept that the Japanese carmaker displayed at the Detroit Auto Show in January. And we just got a tip from a source inside Toyota Motor Philippines that the new Corolla Altis could arrive in our market as early as December this year.

"We might already have a unit by October or November," our source told "But the launch will be in December."

We find this tip believable due to some social-media activities we've observed the past week or so. Staff members or officers of both Toyota Motor Philippines and Toyota Motor Asia Pacific traveled to Nagoya, Japan, very recently, even posting (non-revealing) photo souvenirs on their Facebook walls.

The purpose of the travel, our source confirmed, was to test-drive the new Corolla Altis.


PS: This is not an April Fools' Day story. Just saying.

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