Porsche vehicles sold in Philippines not affected by recall

Other Asian countries aren't so lucky, however
Aug 23, 2011

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - Local Porsche 911s, Boxsters and Caymans not affected by recall

Porsche 911s, Boxsters and Caymans sold by PGA Cars, the authorized distributor of Porsche vehicles in the Philippines, are not affected by the recent recall initiated by the German carmaker in the United States.

According to a source from PGA Cars who refused to be named, the only Asian countries affected by the recall are Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan.

On August 22, Porsche informed the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it was recalling the various 911, Boxster and Cayman units manufactured between May 31 and June 10, 2011 due to a defective seatbelt anchor plate that may loosen and increase the possibility of the seat's occupant being injured in a crash.

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