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This weekend’s Australian GP will have 4 DRS zones

F1’s return to Albert Park will be big
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Think the cat-and-mouse overtaking in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was wild a couple of weeks ago? Well, Formula 1 bosses have now confirmed that there will be no fewer than four different DRS zones in play at this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

Four DRS zones, Jeremy? Four? That’s insane. One for all the Peep Show fans out there.

Australian Grand Prix

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This is set to be the first time that four separate DRS activation points will be available in a Grand Prix, with Albert Park using three zones last time out in 2019. Those were along the pit straight, on the run-up to turn three, and approaching turn 11. They will all remain and a new zone will be added on the newly-created straight that used to house the turn nine and 10 chicane. There will however only be two detection points, so trailing drivers will have two chances to pass with their rear wings open.

What do we think of the decision, folks?

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PHOTO: Red Bull Racing/Red Bull Content Pool
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