Video: Highlights from the 2015 Vios Cup finale

What a way to end the season
by Drei Laurel | Dec 23, 2015

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We know that everyone's already looking forward to the 2016 season of the Vios Cup. After all, outgoing Toyota Motor Philippines president Michinobu Sugata already promised that next year's event would be bigger and better in every way. But before we move on from the epic 2015 season, let's take a look back at the final leg, which was arguably the hottest race in the series this year.

The fourth leg of the 2015 Vios Cup was held at the Subic Bay International Airport. Ask anyone who was there and they'll tell you this was the perfect location to wrap up an awesome racing season. As our print associate editor Paulo Subido put it: "This is probably the biggest, fastest Vios Cup round this year."

If you missed it, you missed out on a ton of action. Well, there's always next year. But for now, you can watch the highlights in our exclusive video above.

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