Video: We track down our favorite Toyota Vios Cup drivers in the pit area

As entertaining as the race itself
by Drei Laurel | Oct 5, 2015

Vios Cup

Car racing is a highly competitive and physically taxing environment. One wrong move behind the wheel could cost a driver a chance at the podium, so it isn't difficult to picture how much is at stake when drivers take to the track. But hey, who says racing can't be fun, too?

We spent a day tracking down our favorite celebrity drivers around the Toyota Vios Cup pit area. And while we managed to ask them a bunch of serious questions regarding the event at hand, we soon realized it was unlikely we would get serious answers--which was great. After all, it's a lot more entertaining to talk about magic carpets and massage jokes than to hear about being behind the wheel all day.

Watch as celebrity racers Joyce Pring, Sam YG, Jasmin Curtis-Smith and Fabio Ide gave us some not-so-serious insight into the recently concluded Vios Cup. We even think their answers were as equally entertaining as the on-track action itself.

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