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Who wears the Vios Cup racing suit best? Part 1: The celebrity drivers

The fast and the gorgeous

We've been inviting you to watch the promotional race for the Toyota Vios Cup tomorrow (January 25) at Clark International Speedway, but we haven't really focused on the drivers individually. So we'd like to do that now. And while doing that, we'd like to ask you which driver rocks the Vios Cup racing suit best. Is it one of these celebrities, or is it one of the motoring journalists (to be presented in a succeeding post)?

The starting grid tomorrow will feature five celebrities and seven motoring journalists. The celebrities are Aljur Abrenica, Jinno Rufino, Phoemela Baranda, Rhian Ramos and Fabio Ide. Baranda will start in pole position tomorrow, after allegedly clocking the fastest time during qualifying. Rufino will start in fifth, Ide in 10th, Ramos in 11th and Abrenica in 12th.

Anyway, we showed the photos of the celebrity drivers around the office and asked people to give us the first adjective that came to mind upon seeing these images. By the way, if Fabio Ide looks funny in the photo, that's because his head was hilariously cropped and pasted on Aljur Abrenica's body. It just goes to show that Toyota has some sense of humor, too. The top 10 adjectives our officemates gave us to describe these celebrities are:

* Handsome
* Beautiful
* Sexy
* Young
* Fit
* Slender
* Fierce
* Intense
* Glamorous
* Vibrant

Check out the photos of the celebrity drivers and see if you can come up with your own adjective to describe them. The photos of the media drivers will be posted in a separate article.



Aljur Abrenica

Jinno Rufino

Phoemela Baranda

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Rhian Ramos

Fabio Ide

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