BMW, for its part, wants its i3 to connect with Samsung Galaxy Gear

For remotely accessing the car\'s functions
Jan 7, 2014


Integrating smartphone technology with vehicles seems to be a growing trend for the near future. Following Hyundai\'s announcement that it will allow the owners of its next-generation Genesis sedan to connect with their cars via wearable devices like Google Glass, BMW has revealed that it is now busy working on connecting its i3 electric vehicle with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

According to the German carmaker, it is developing its iRemote app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which, like its standard iRemote app for smartphones, keeps drivers connected with their BMW--the i3, in this case--at all times \"and also works efficiently to provide them with the assistance they need outside the car.\"

Besides allowing features like remotely locking and unlocking the car\'s doors and adjusting the on-board climate prior to the passengers boarding the car, the Samsung Galaxy Gear with the BMW iRemote app updates its wearer with information on the i3\'s battery charge and available range.

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These are indeed thrilling times to be both a techie and a gearhead.



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