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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Next-generation Mini to get driver-assist systems

As pleasurable as driving the Mini already is, the British-by-way-of-Germany carmaker will introduce a number of innovative driver-assist systems into its next-generation model that will offer not just comfort and safety in technology but turn the car "more than ever into its driver's assistant."

A heads-up display will help drivers concentrate on their driving by displaying relevant information in their line of vision--like speed, navigation instructions, and even the music track--without having to take their eyes off the road.

Collision and pedestrian warning systems, including the city braking feature, will help drivers avoid dangerous situations, particularly in city traffic. Using a multifunctional camera mounted on the windshield at the same level as the rear-view mirror, the systems automatically initiate braking at speeds of up to 60kph while also issuing visual and acoustic alarms. According to Mini, this will effectively contribute to greater safety in urban traffic by avoiding collisions or at least significantly reducing the intensity of impact.

The parking assist feature, meanwhile, assists the driver with parallel-parking by looking for possible parking spaces using ultrasound sensors. If a sufficiently large space is found, the system automatically parks the car with the driver needing to operate just the accelerator and brake pedals.

Other driver-assist systems which the next-generation Mini will have include: a camera-based speed and distance control system that automatically keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front; a speed limit information system that detects and displays speed limits as they apply to the current section of the road; and a digital headlight assist function that automatically activates the high-beam function at speeds of at least 50kph and deactivates it if oncoming traffic is detected.

More tools for incompetent drivers, then.


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