Tokyo preview: Nissan to present concept EVs, next-gen Urvan

Electric vehicles part of Nissan's future
Nov 15, 2011

Three electric vehicle concepts and the next-generation Urvan will be the highlight of Nissan Motor's exhibit at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.


First unveiled at the Paris Auto Show last September 2010, the Townpod is Nissan's "cross-genre EV for the free-thinking entrepreneur." As to what is specifically entrepreneurial about the Townpod, according to Nissan it's because its rear cargo space is functionally designed for professional utility. Its three split doors and a split open sunroof allow access in tight spots while greatly improving loading/unloading convenience and ability to carry taller objects, allowing the vehicle to flexibly adapt to is user's needs.

The interior's touchscreen display also allows the car to link to the driver's smartphone to provide convenient support for busy professionals while its zero emission mobility offers guilt-free driving enjoyment for the environmentally conscious user.


First shown last March 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Esflow is Nissan EV sports car for the future as it "offers an exciting new dimension in sports car handling and performance, using technology pioneered in Nissan LEAF."

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Powering the Esflow are laminated lithium-ion batteries that have been engineered and mounted to provide for the ideal front-to-rear balance. These batteries propel the vehicle through two independently-controlled midship-mounted electric motors, each driving a rear wheel, allowing it to run the 0-100kph sprint in less than five seconds. On a single charge, Nissan claims the Esflow has a crusing range of over 240 kilometers.

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Pivo 3

Making its global debut at the Tokyo Motor Show is the Pivo 3, Nissan's smart urban commuter EV for the near future.

One of its most notable features is its Automated Valet Parking which enables the Pivo 3 to automatically drive, locate a parking space and park without driver assistance in infrastructure-equipped parking lots envisioned for the future. It can also charge itself and return to its driver at the AVP exit when called via smartphone.

Another feature worth noting is its in-wheel motors with wide steering angle, which allows the Pivo 3 to make a U-turn on a road only four meters wide. The Pivo 3 also has a zero turn gap so if the front wheels can make the turn, the rear wheels will follow without scraping the vehicle's side.

Completing the PIVO 3's outstanding features is its central driving position, which "provides a totally new driving experience.

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The current-generation Nissan Urvan, specifically the variant known in the Philippines as the Urvan Estate, has been around since 2001. Good news then that after 10 years, Nissan is finally coming out with an all-new model that will be known at least in Japan as the NV350.

With its keyless pushbutton ignition, the NV350 sets a world’s first for a commercial vehicle while its Nissan Intelligent Key, dash-mounted shift lever and foot-operated parking brake also exceed expectations in the light commercial van category.

The NV350 also has a three-meter long cargo area, split 50:50 fold-forward rear seats and embedded mounting nuts in interior side panels, providing for flexible cargo handling and adaptability to its user needs.



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