Toyota electric vehicle breaks Nurburgring record

By over 25 seconds
Oct 3, 2012
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In September 2011, Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) set a record for electric vehicles at the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit when its TMG EV P001 lapped the track in seven minutes and 47.794 seconds. A year later and TMG has rewritten the record book with its TMG EV P002 besting its predecessor's time by over 25 seconds.

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Using TMG's motorsport-tuned electric powertrain and with Jochen Krumbach once again behind the wheel, the TMG EV P002 lapped the 20.8km circuit in seven minutes and 22.329 seconds.

For its record-breaking run, the car used a pioneering off-board, battery-to-battery charging technology known as the TMG DC Quick Charger, which was developed in partnership with Schneider Electric GmbH "to meet the challenge of recharging an electric race car at tracks without reliable access to grid power."

Mounted at the rear of a Toyota Hiace van, the TMG DC Quick Charger uses Schneider Electric's EV Link technology and includes a 42kWh lithium-ion battery, which can be charged direct from the AC power grid. After an overnight charge, the TMG DC Quick Charger is able to quickly deliver high levels of power to a battery-based electric car without additional installation or infrastructure, "making it the perfect solution for electric motorsport."

"Since our Nurburgring record last year, we have developed our electric powertrain to deliver more power, more consistently, over a longer distance by managing the temperature of batteries, motors and inverter," said TMG general manager for electrics and electronics Ludwig Zeller. "But this achievement is not only about on-track performance; we are also very proud of the DC Quick Charger, which again provided a reliable power supply in a remote location. This is an aspect of electric motorsport that has not been discussed at length, but it is very significant: Electric race cars need to be charged and it is a challenge to have the right infrastructure at race tracks, particularly temporary street circuits. Together with our partners at Schneider Electric, we have developed a solution to charge a race car literally anywhere in the world. This, along with the TMG EV P002 powertrain, represents a major step forward for electric motorsport."

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