Toyota rolls out manual Fortuner variant

The wait is over...
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Oct 29, 2009

The Fortuner has proven to be one of Toyota Motor Philippines' best-selling products in recent years. At one time, an eight-month wait was acceptable to those who really wanted to get their hands on an affordable and reliable, Toyota-badged sports utility vehicle (SUV).

Newer models from other manufacturers, however, have been stealing the Toyota Fortuner's thunder. The company has decided it's time to let them know they, too, can play their game by unveiling the Fortuner's new 4X2 2.5-liter diesel-fed G variant with manual transmission.

"We have seen the demand for this variant especially for those who are looking for a powerful yet practical SUV which they can enjoy driving in the city. The addition of a manual transmission completes the Fortuner's line-up and we are confident that it will further boost sales towards the coming months," said Raymond Rodriguez, Toyota vice president for vehicle sales.

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Besides the manual transmission, the latest Fortuner variant retains everything else that has made the model the choice SUV of many Filipino motorists. It is equipped with the powerful and fuel-efficient Direct Injection Common-rail Diesel (D-4D) engine, a double wishbone front suspension system that provides stability and a smoother ride, and 17-inch alloy wheels for a commanding road presence. The Fortuner also comes with an automatic climate control system while the rear ceiling air conditioner helps give it a comfortable environment.

The new Toyota Fortuner 4x2 2.5-liter G with manual transmission is the latest addition to the popular automatic transmission-equipped lineup composed of the Toyota Fortuner 4X4 3.0-liter V Diesel, the 4X2 2.7-liter G Gas, and the 4X2 2.5-liter G Diesel variants.

The new Fortuner with manual transmission costs P1.349 million.

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