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Limited to just 88 units
Back in 2019, Aston Martin teamed up with bike builder Brough Superior for the extremely expensive, ultra-exclusive AMB 001 sports bike. In 2022, there's this, the AMB 001 'Pro.'At its core, it's a more powerful, equallytrack-only superbike
This is before Philippine taxes and duties
During the virtual launch of the DBX premium SUV last year, Aston Martin Manila chairman and president Marc Tagle mentioned that our market was given one allocation of the Valkyrie hypercar. You don't see the words 'Manila' and 'hypercar' in one
No gullwing doors on this roofless Valkyrie, though
Great news for all those who put a deposit down on Aston's £2.5 million (P174 million) hard-topped hypercar, only to realize they couldn't fit into Adrian Newey's snug cabin-it's the new Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider.
Set to be unveiled at Monterey Car Week
Aston Martin says it's bringing a new car to Monterey Car Week. And this is it.Looks an awful lot like a Valkyrie, no? Perhaps we're about to get a new or updated version of the company's madcap V12
“I’m swearing quite a lot and our forward-facing GoPro appears to have fainted”
We're next in the queue. Darren Turner, three-time Le Mans winner-aka my chauffeur-pushes the engine-start button on the bottom of the Aston Martin Valkyrie's squircle steering wheel. Nothing happens. Well, a hum and then a squeal
It’s gonna be a big year
We've already driven the prototype of Hyundai's first junior hot hatch, and we liked it plenty. If there's any car that has a chance of challenging the sublime Ford Fiesta ST for super-shopping car medals, it's South
This retro one-off makes 836hp and has a manual gearbox
We bet you weren't expecting this today. Meet the Aston Martin Victor, a one-off commission made by the company's Q division and utilizing a greatest-hits package of what the company has learned from the One-77, the Vulcan,
We crunch the numbers
The Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 attack the thorny problem of 'building the ultimate supercar' from completely opposite poles.Aston's Red Bull-soaked contender is as close to a road-going Formula 1 race car as
Automotive excess or engineering pinnacles?
Okay, we're going to try to get through this article without mentioning the gilded age, the 1%, being rich as Croesus, or anything like that. Each time we fail, we're going to put 20 bucks in a jar. We would
The brand that has the best fictional endorser ever
Aston Martin is a British luxury and sports-car manufacturer that seemingly exists only to supply gorgeous cars to Q Division of MI6...which never do seem to make it back in one piece. But, unlike dear James, Aston is a real
It's an issue of real-world practicality
I realize it's probably me that's going to come out of this looking silly, because the Aston Martin Valkyrie is the purest, most intoxicating piece of engineering I've come across in my 35 years. And I've never even
It looks astonishing
Well that's quite a sight, isn't it? If the Aston Martin Valkyrie has thus far seemed a little too otherworldly to get excited about-a track-focused hypercar with a 1,160hp output and 11,100rpm redline seems almost too
“It’s pretty special”
The first Aston Martin Valkyrie prototype was finished just in time last year's British Grand Prix, where 'High-Performance Development Driver' Chris Goodwin took it for a demonstration lap before baying crowds.Now there are two more-VP2 and VP3 are
They were either jaw-dropping or facepalm-inducing
In 2011, Ferrari followed up its line of elegant two-door four-seater GT cars with the FF. And the world couldn't believe its eyes. A hatchback. A hatchback with four-wheel drive. A 4x4 hatchback with a V12 developing 651hp.
How far we've come
We now know enough about the Valkyrie to be certain that it will be the fastest, most extreme road car ever built. Others might have a higher top speed, or more power, but for the only true measurement of overall performance - lap
Helmet and HANS device not included
Catchy name, huh? In fairness, most great Formula 1 cars pinched names from dishwashers (MP4/4, FW16, W09 EQ Power+, I could go on).Like most 'F1 cars for the road,' the OX99 came about as a sort of road-going billboard
The third mid-engine hypercar to emerge from the factory
Welcome, everyone, to the Baby Valkyrie. Aston's AM-RB 003, making its debut at this week's Geneva Motor Show, is the third mid-engined hypercar to emerge from the company's tie-up with Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Which means
With no turbos
Let's not mess around: the Aston Martin Valkyrie will develop 1,160hp and 900Nm of torque.That's today's news straight out of Aston Martin, finally confirming the power output of the naturally aspirated Cosworth V12 which will lie amid
No, really...You can't
Well, here's something you don't see every day. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro. An extreme version of the most extreme Aston ever built. You literally can't handle this much extreme.Though you will
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