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The statues were meant to instruct the public on very specific lessons
Last week, two sculptures of La Madre Filipina were returned to their original plinths on the historic Jones Bridge in Manila. The first statue is a replica of the original that was destroyed in World War II, while the second statue was
The country's oldest mountain highway
Kennon Road, the legendary stretch of road in Benguet province, is now one step closer to being declared a national heritage zone. The House of Representatives has just approved on the second reading House Bill 7502, which identifies the Kennon heritage zone
Will electric tricycles soon rule this island paradise?
In what must seem like a scene out of a science-fiction movie, the most popular beach in the Philippines is empty at the height of summer. This is because Boracay island came under fire for being overpopulated with locals and tourists,
Road accidents in this tourist area are on the rise
Enough is enough!With the increasing number of accidents involving not only motorcycles but also four-wheeled vehicles in the area, Department of Tourism (DoT) assistant secretary Ricky Alegre is calling on concerned government agencies to implement the speed limit on the
Motorcycle firms vow to support the campaign
Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Corazon Tulfo Teo has approved the formation of the Moto Tourism Council (MTC) that will draft the Moto Tourism campaign plan aimed at boosting motorcycle travel in the country, and eventually generate additional revenues for the
To ease traffic congestion in the area
While news broke out recently that the Department of Public Works and Highways wanted to tear down the Anda Circle roundabout along Bonifacio Drive to decongest the traffic in the area, it now appears the agency had wanted to do just that
To capture panoramic imagery of the country
Our editor-in-chief used to have a blast looking at his parents' house in New Jersey via Google Maps' Street View feature, which gives users a panoramic view of the exact location they're looking for. The 360-degree capability of
Because off-roading is more fun with a Land Rover
The Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) have teamed up with LRPhils Motors, the authorized distributor of Land Rover vehicles in the country, to promote domestic tourism through its "More Fun in the Philippines" campaign."We are very
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