We might see this in PH soon
Last week, we reported that there's a possibility we'll be seeing the Mazda CX-30 here in the Philippines. With the brand's signature Kodo aesthetics and its positioning between the smaller CX-3 and larger CX-5, the CX-
How have the NCAP tests changed over the years
It isn't for the purposes of adolescent glee that the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) flings perfectly good cars at exceptionally solid objects, and vice-versa. Over the past two decades, car-crash fatalities have dropped from around 60,000 a
Let's try to decipher the stars
Euro NCAP has just released its latest round of results, including those for the upcoming Suzuki Jimny. And while bigger, more expensive cars like the VW Touareg earned their expected five stars, the Jimny's three star performance is a tad disappointing.
Chinese sedan gets highest overall marks
Every year, the European New Car Assessment Program identifies the vehicles it tested that achieved the highest scores in their respective classes in terms of safety. For 2013, 33 cars were tested for seven different categories, and of the vehicles tested, the
See which cars did well
Following the United States\' Insurance Institute for Highway Safety\'s release of the results of its first-ever tests of a vehicle\'s frontal crash avoidance system a month ago, it\'s now the Euro New Car Assessment Program\'s turn to
Compelling enough to make you consider buying one?
The Qoros 3 has done what no other Chinese car before it could do, and that\'s to achieve a five-star rating overall in the latest round of Euro New Car Assessment Program crash tests.According to Euro NCAP, the Qoros
Third Subaru model to be given this rating since 2009
The 2012 European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) has recently given the all-new Subaru Forester its highest five-star overall rating in its safety performance test.This is the third time Subaru was honored with the prestigious five-star rating
With high scores in three of four categories
In the latest Euro NCAP collision test, Volvo's all-new V40 not only received the top rating of five stars, but its overall result is the best-ever recorded by the institute."A fantastic result," said Thomas Broberg, senior technical safety
From 2014 onward
Recognizing how important Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems are in saving lives, the Euro New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) has revealed that it will include the technology in its appraisal of new vehicles from 2014 onward.According to Euro NCAP, real-
First test to take place in mid-2012
Motorists in the region will soon get firsthand information about the safety of new vehicles with the establishment of the Southeast Asian New Car Assessment Program. Construction of a crash-test facility is now underway in Malaysia and the first test is
Also receives four advanced-safety technology awards
The European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) has named the Ford Focus as the safest vehicle in the small-family car segment for getting a five-star crash test rating and for its award-winning advanced safety technology.The Focus's
Safer Chinese cars
The notion that Chinese cars are unsafe could soon be a thing of the past as the Geely Emgrand EC7 recently received a four-star rating in the European New Car Assessment Program's (Euro NCAP) safety test program."These results mark
A first for pickup trucks
As if the all-new Ford Ranger's not desirable enough already, its performance at the European New Car Assessment Program's (Euro NCAP) latest round of crash tests is out to make you want it all the more. It is the
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