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To be unveiled next year
Audi really is leaning in to this whole 'sphere' thing, isn't it? First came the skysphere roadster concept, then the posh A8-from-the-future grandsphere and finally (or so we thought) there was the giant urbansphere that was supposedly designed
It’s a shame what happened to those vehicles
And that's that. The Felicity Ace, the ship that caught fire late last month while transporting Volkswagen Group vehicles to the US, has finally sunk.According to a new report by the New York Times, the cargo ship sank a little
Could more brands follow?
Russian motorsport fans aren't the only ones going to be left disappointed following international backlash to the country's invasion of Ukraine. Domestic car buyers who were hoping to buy a Volvo are now affected, too.In a statement sent to
Some good news
The blaze onboard the Felicity Ace-a cargo ship carrying thousands of Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi vehicles being transported from Europe to the US-has finally become manageable.According to a report by Reuters, port officials have confirmed that the cargo ship
In the US market, at least
The results of J.D. Power's 2019 Initial Quality study are in, and it looks like Korean car manufacturers are on the rise-at least in the United States.According to the study, the three highest-ranking car brands in the
That’s one hell of a look
Well, that was quick. BMW has provided a solution for anyone who thinks the all-new 1-Series-which was unveiled to the world not too long ago-looks rather tame, and it comes in the form of some impactful M Performance
Sales grew by 76%
Once the Top Gear PH team settled back in to work after the holidays, the one word that we kept hearing from local car distributors was "more." One press release after another from different carmakers showed a lot of impressive numbers. A
The journey of atonement continues
We reported that Volkswagen of America, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Air Research Board were on the brink of reaching an agreement, which calls for the German carmaker to compensate aggrieved customers in the diesel-emissions scandal it was
We spent time with this stately Swede
I was having a nice lunch with Chris Yu, Volvo Philippines' senior manager for marketing strategy, and we were discussing the industry and his company's future plans (hint: watch out for something special from them in March).While I was putting
Every driver in Manila should read this
I was in Europe visiting my family when I had the urge to get behind the wheel, to just drive and see this continent. So I packed seven days worth of clothing, loaded up a Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Coupe, and set
Automotive sightings in the French capital
After frolicking with some Germans in Austria (okay, that didn't sound right), we made a stopover in Paris for the weekend. Thanks to the hospitality of a good friend--Top Gear Philippines writer Carlo Chungunco--we were able to save on
Too bad we won't get this
Honda has launched the Civic Type R for the European market, fitting it with an all-new 2.0-liter direct-injected turbocharged VTEC engine that puts out 306hp and 400Nm--"the most extreme and high-performing engine in the 22-year
Up from 85% in 2006
Effective January 1, 2015, the European Union requires that 85% of every scrapped vehicle must be recycled or reused while an additional 10% can be used "for energy recovery from the combustion of non-recyclable residues" for a total of 95%.The
Let us know what you think
Toyota Motor Europe has unveiled the 2015 Yaris. This newly launched subcompact hatchback in Europe is a heavily revised version of the new-generation Yaris introduced in 2011. Note that the JDM Vitz version was unveiled in late 2010.If you just
But what sound would fit such vehicles?
The European Parliament has ruled that hybrid-electric and electric vehicles must be fitted with sound-generating devices to make them safer for pedestrians and visually impaired people.Citing the nearly silent drive systems of electric cars and hybrids, the European Parliament
And Japanese cars to Android-powered gadgets
At the media ride-and-drive event for the all-new BMW X5 in Vancouver, Canada, last weekend, was hosted by BMW Asia corporate affairs director Sethipong Anutarasoti. During one of our conversations, the executive offered an amusing analogy
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