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A collab between two not-so-subtle companies
Panerai and Brabus, neither exactly renowned for their subtlety, have teamed up for a limited-edition watch. And it's fair to say the finished product doesn't do much to dispel or disprove the preconceptions you probably had about what a
This thing packs a 1.3-liter LC8 V-Twin churning out 140Nm of torque
Last year Brabus announced a link-up with KTM that saw the German tuner make its maiden foray into modified motorbikes. The result was the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo-based Brabus 1300 R.Skip forward 12 months and we have
It’s called the 900 Crawler
And you thought Brabus' mainstream modified Mercs were crazy creations. This is the all-new Brabus 900 Crawler. Built to celebrate the Bottrop-based tuner's 45th birthday, it's a non-road-legal desert racer made with a high-strength tubular
Can you name the bike this is based on?
Another Brabus story, another souped-up G-Wagen, right? Wrong. Surprisingly, the company's latest release isn't courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. Hell, it doesn't even run on four wheels.Brabus, which is primarily known for tinkering with the latest Benz
And it’s stealthy, too, obviously
Remember the Brabus 800 Adventure XLP? Not the catchiest name, we'll admit, but it refers to Brabus' ridiculously large, 789hp portal-axled pickup truck version of the Mercedes-AMG G63. Yeah, it's a pretty cool (if monumentally obnoxious) thing. The
That’s how you put all six wheels to good use
Overspec'd trucks with raised suspensions, extra wheels, and heavily tuned engines can feel a tad too excessive at times. But during natural calamities, these exotic machines can actually come in handy.Take a look at this Brabus G700 6x6-according to
It’s called the Brabus 800
Brabus is a very sensible tuning company *cough* and the Bottrop-based folk are keen for you to know that this new Merc-AMG E63 S-based Brabus 800 comes with a three-year/100,000km warranty. How very reasonable.You couldn'
Upgrades for improved power and presence, check
Let it be known that Brabus is not one for procrastinating. The seventh-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class was only revealed late last year, but the German tuner has already applied its, how to put this...specialist touch.We'll start with
What do you think?
Picture a tiny chihuahua growling aggressively and yanking at its leash to get you. Threatening? Hardly. You step closer to give him a pet. Given his size, you figure the little guy doesn't have the bite to back up its bark
It’s almost 30hp up on the standard engine
Mercedes-Benz likes to make a rather large song and dance about the fact that the 415hp A45 S utilizes the most powerful four-cylinder engine in mainstream production. It's an incredible unit which you can read all about by clicking
That’s what this is actually called—the Brabus Rocket 900
Running out of fresh and exciting ways to scare the kids? You'll be wanting the new Brabus Rocket 900. As you can see, the Rocket is based on Merc's AMG GT 4-door, so it's essentially a practical luxury
Because why not?
The big news here is not that Brabus has given the Mercedes-Benz GLB a little bit of extra power and some new wheels. Oh no. The real news is that Brabus has fitted the Mercedes GLB with light bars.Light bars,
There are several variants to choose from
Welcome to armor plating done properly, at least according to Brabus. Its clever new armor plating for the G-Class is tested to 'VR6 Plus ERV' standards, meaning the car you see before you can withstand not just small-arms fire, but
The tuner has managed to squeeze more power out of the EV
Got your eyes on a new Smart EQ fortwo, but think it looks a little, well, cutesy? Not to worry, because Brabus is here to help.This is the Brabus Ultimate E Facelift-the Merc tuner's latest take on the little
Keeping it classy
Aftermarket outfits can be pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. On one hand, you need the outcome of your tinkering to stand out, but on the other, you don't want to mess with the
To be unveiled at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show
Would it be a dick move to deliver relief goods in a Mercedes-Benz G-Class? While intentions may be pure, chances are driving around in a luxury SUV in a disaster zone could rub people the wrong way. But if you
Amazingly, there's a diesel engine under the hood
This is a very different kind of Brabus G-Class to the ones we're used to. Apparently, it was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but if we're honest, we were rather distracted by the 888hp V12-
It can do 0-100kph in 3.8sec
Mercedes-Benz's twin-turbocharged V12 engine is dying. After the limited-run S65 Final Edition, you won't be able to get it in an S-Class, and of course the ridiculous G65 was canned with the arrival of the all-
Meet the Black Ops and the Shadow.
Brabus. Remember them? The well-known anglers of horsepower from Germany with more than an unhealthy penchant for Mercedes? The tuning outfit obviously doesn't think the new G63 quite pushes the boundaries of military chic far enough. Or that the 4.
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