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This clean, shiny disc looks sexy as heck
Brakes aren't really what one first looks at when checking out a car, but Brembo just keeps making stylish ones anyway. We can't complain when we've seen the manufacturer roll out quite some flashy stuff over the years. Who
A useful thing to know
Drum brakes, often only found on the rear wheels, are designed to adjust themselves every time you reverse and apply the brakes. A ratcheting mechanism does this automatically and moves the brake shoes a fixed distance closer to the drums as friction
Yes, it’s a possible DIY thing
Brake pads are one of the many parts that ordinarily wear out in a car. They're a regular maintenance item. If you hear metal-to-metal contact when you apply the brakes, that's probably the brake-pad wear indicator. It'
Make your brakes work better
What's the first thing you should do when you buy a brand-new car? Why, break it in, of course. It's not unlike gradually wearing in a stiff pair of leather shoes until they're nice and comfy. With a
And the reasons why you should
The parts of a car, by nature, are perishable. Sure, your car itself can last for decades if you take care of it properly, but you need to be diligent about replacing all the necessary parts to keep it running. This includes
Yay or nay?
BMW has made a very lengthy, detailed announcement about its new setup and M Mode functions in its performance car range, debuting first in the M8 and M8 Competition.It's essentially a simpler offering than what M currently does in its
Argyle, camo, leopard print, and more. Oh, man...
When your business is built on brakes and you're already a market leader, it can be difficult to remain in the news and attract attention. Brembo managed it more than 25 years ago when it introduced the red caliper, but since
Don't take these for granted
When it comes to driving, coming to a stop is just as important-if not more so-than getting up to speed. It doesn't matter how fast your ride can go if you're going to end up splattered
He transformed his Honda XRM into a PWD-friendly trike
Erickson Nacario was in the midst of a soothing message when hell broke loose at the night market along Roxas Avenue in Davao City past 10pm last September 2, 2016.After a powerful explosion rocked the place, 15 people were killed, and
That's one way of saving money
You wouldn't think watching a car get an oil change would be so satisfying. But then again, a Bugatti Veyron can make any mundane maintenance job look like a work of art. How long did it take? More than 12 hours.
Always keep them in tip-top shape
Having a non-functioning brake light is not only unsafe, it is also a violation for which you can be issued a citation for. Brake lights give notice to the vehicle behind you that you're slowing down, and hence they should
A reader wants to know
A reader recently sent in a question about driving a manual-transmission vehicle. Should a driver step on the brake, or the clutch first, when coming to stop? Obviously, this reader is a new driver. And we do love to help new
Should I have this checked?
Hi, Top Gear Philippines!I'm a new driver and I just recently got my first car (a brand-new Honda HR-V) a month and a half ago. I just have a question regarding my brakes: I noticed that whenever I
Here's how to keep them from failing
Brakes can be made to last an awfully long time, but you can also wear them out in short order. Here are some things that you should avoid doing to maximize the longevity of your brakes:1) Going too fastDriving too fast
Should you invest in them?
Many cars have disc brakes on all four wheels these days. But let's say your car came with drum brakes in the rear, or you have an older car with drum brakes in every corner. Is it a worthwhile investment to
The future is here
Not content with being the go-to name for anything ruthlessly quick or obsessively over-engineered, Bugatti is now staking a claim for a third adjective: over-complex.Okay, so maybe they already had a pretty decent handle on that one, but
They're inevitable, but you can fix them
Sooner or later, it's going to happen, and it's not a matter of if so much as when. Fortunate are the very few who never, ever hear them. However, for the vast majority of motorists, it's going to be
No more jerky stops
Have you ever ridden in a jeepney or UV express where it felt as if the driver had cinder blocks for feet? Forget modulation, those guys treat the pedals like whack-a-mole targets, mashing their feet full force at every opportunity.
Is it a viable practice?
Back in the day most cars had three pedals: One to operate the clutch, one to slow the car down, and another to make it go zoom-zoom all over the place. Conventional road-going wisdom has always taught us to use
Fake it 'till you brake it
For obvious reasons, your ride's brakes aren't something you want to scrimp on. Having a vehicle equipped with a solid set of brakes-regardless of whether you're on the race track or simply driving to the office-can spell
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