Is it really as durable as it looks?
The Rezvani Tank is a favorite among fans of burly (not to mention insanely expensive) go-anywhere rides. But is the vehicle really as durable as it looks?It definitely passes the eye test, and the fact that it's bulletproof only
It has an emergency escape system
Let's have a quick look at what the average SUV has listed on its daily itinerary, shall we?There's dropping the kids off at school, a stop by the neighborhood grocery, a few rough patches of road here and there,
Cost you a lot, that is
If you looked at the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan and thought it wasn't a) big, b) expensive or c) brash enough, then somewhat unbelievably, you're not alone.This is a Cullinan limo, and if you're still struggling to wrap
It only weighs an extra 150kg
Think 'armored car' and you most likely think of an exceedingly bulletproofed Mercedes-Benz S-Class (or similar) riding through traffic with guard cars flanking it. Security at its toughest.And yet there's another way, and it comes
Plan on getting shot at?
Bulletproof cars aren't for everybody. Usually, if you're looking to wrap a vehicle in projectile-resistant armor, your choices are limited to lumbering SUVs and trucks that can handle the significant amount of added weight. Usually...For VIPs
*And that could double with our taxes
Sometime, in the near future, Rolls-Royce will unveil the Cullinan. It'll be the company's first modern 'high-sided car' (that's SUV to us normal folk) and is set to be the most opulent and expensive 4x4 on the
It’s not a cheap conversion
Bulletproofing-it's all that separates wealthy VIPs and high-profile government officials from eating hot lead in the event of an assassination attempt. But what exactly goes into turning a regular SUV into a fortress on wheels?More than a few
Filipino politicians must be rejoicing
Are you a politician looking for protection against the wrath of constituents you steal from? Or maybe you've recently hit the lottery and are wary of its attendant security threat? Either way, you might want a ride that's bulletproof, among
Or killer buses on EDSA
This badass-looking vehicle makes the zombie-killing Hyundai Tucson look like a defenseless puppy. An armored vehicle designed, engineered and built in Toronto, Canada, the Inkas Sentry is a tactical attack and defense vehicle that can be used by the military,
As we prepare for his PH visit next month
Yesterday marked the 78th birthday of Pope Francis, the reigning pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Pontiff has been known for his humility. This humility is also reflected in his choice of smaller cars as his ride.
For these dangerous times
As President Aquino himself pointed out in his recent State of the Nation Address, our streets aren't that safe anymore. As private individuals, we have to be more careful when we're out in public. Now, if you're a private
Perfect for Ramon Ang and Manny V. Pangilinan
Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has introduced what it touts as the first fully armored and stretched Mercedes-Benz G63 executive limousine. What are the features of this armored, 5.5-liter V8 automobile?Its passenger compartment's perimeter armoring provides protection against
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