The crossover is expanding its range
The Ford EcoSport's 1.5-liter engine can now be had in a top-of-the-line EcoSport package.Ford Philippines has announced that the subcompact crossover is now available in a new 1.5L Titanium AT variant. When the car
A subcompact-crossover shootout
The crossover craze seems to be going strong well into 2019. In this fight, we have two relative newcomers to the market: The facelifted Ford EcoSport, which is the refreshed version of the American brand's Philippine bestseller, and the Hyundai Kona,
Is the new turbocharged powertrain worth the price jump?
Ah, the Ford EcoSport. The American carmaker's game-changing subcompact crossover showed promise when it first rolled into the market back in 2014, thanks to its compact size, stylish looks, and relative affordability-three traits that propelled the vehicle to the
Not bad at all
Ford has announced that the Ranger-which has been one of the most popular pickup trucks in our market for as long as we can remember-is being launched and produced in the US soon. The Land of the Free, however, is
The segment better watch out
Yes, the new Ford EcoSport has landed. By now you've probably read our in-depth Launch Pad story and are already familiar with the vehicle's new price tags. If not, do click on the links above to check
Worth it?
Yes, folks, the new Ford EcoSport has arrived. Ford Philippines recently held the official launch to welcome the new iteration of its best-selling model. There are expected aesthetic changes like the new front grille, headlights, and foglight housings. Inside, you get
It's strangely good
What's so active about a Fiesta Active?The way Ford talks, it's the active things you do in it. It can take you slightly further up the bumpy track toward the sort of outdoor pursuits that fill the pages of
Six wheels and 600hp of awesome
Hennessey Performance is adhering to a long-held TG philosophy that more wheels are better. The Texan outfit is adding an extra pair of wheels to the hotly-anticipated 2017 Ford Raptor. Along with more power. Obviously. It's called the VelociRaptor
The times are changing
Remember when buying a car was simple? Yeah, neither can we. Today, prospective car shoppers-even younger, less-diligent ones-have to consider everything: from the vehicle's design and versatility, right down to the number of cupholders and USB ports it
The EcoBoost of oil-burners
Diesel engines have been in the news lately, as the German government continues to investigate other carmakers following the events of Volkswagen's "Dieselgate." Despite the bad press oil-burners have been getting in Europe, it hasn't discouraged Ford from investing
With a lot of new toys
Almost a year ago, we wrote about the Ford Explorer getting a facelift in its home market (the United States, of course). Now that that attractive refresh has finally arrived in our market, and judging by what we saw at the launch
It's more intelligent than some people
Let's get straight to the point: The new Ford Focus is a blast to drive. We were invited by Ford Philippines to the launch of the refreshed compact sedan and hatchback, and we were treated to a short but sweet drive
Still equipped with a stick shift
The Ford engineers are becoming quite good at squeezing power out of their EcoBoost powerplants. In the all-new Focus RS, the boffins managed to produce 350hp--far above the original estimate of 315hp--from a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder
Official prices of EcoBoost and GT models
As we told you last week, tonight (April 23) is the official Philippine launch of the all-new, sixth-generation Ford Mustang. Indeed, Ford Philippines has presented the iconic pony car before the media and select VIP guests as we write this.
Moving away from its fuel-thirsty image
Ford used to have a reputation for making cars with huge, gas-guzzling engines. The Mustang, the Expedition and the F-150 are the culprits models most associated with wasteful consumption of our planet's precious fossil fuels. Yet oil crises in
See if you like it
We know we have just announced here a new Explorer Sport EcoBoost V6 from Ford Philippines, but now the American carmaker has unveiled a redesigned version of the fifth-generation Explorer. Presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the restyled SUV brings
Is 365hp enough for you?
When Ford Philippines introduced the all-new Escape and a variant of the Explorer this week, we thought the big story of the night would be the American carmaker's compact SUV. We had certainly waited long enough for it. But we
Built in the US
Finally, Ford Philippines has introduced an up-to-date model of the Ford Escape. For the longest time, the Escape that Ford was selling in the Philippines had been the first-generation model that dated back to 2001. By launching the third-
EcoBoost engine deserves all its awards
Color me impressed, and I'm not just talking about the test unit's elegant grapefruit color (the proper name is "Phantom Purple"). It's all part of the carmakers' recent strategy of giving their B-segment cars an upmarket feel (see
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