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To be powered by a “turbocharged petrol-electric hybrid engine”
Did you notice these things, too?
First things first: Here's the front of the finished 'prototype.' It's got a different facial expression to the concept car-less grumpy, more cutesy. We'll not dwell too much on that, but do note the very prominent hood-mounted
It’s looking very production-ready
Honda has already confirmed we'll see a near-production version of its cute Urban EV in a matter of weeks. And now we've been allowed a better look.The big news in Honda's eyes is our first glimpse of
Aston Martin’s luxury brand teases the ‘All-Terrain Concept’
The modern incarnation of Aston Martin's luxury branch-Lagonda-has long grappled with the concept of future automotive, offering up a near-£700,000 (P47.5 million) V12 luxury sedan (Taraf), and last year's dazzling Vision Concept.This, however, is
It’ll be called the Hispano Suiza Carmen, and it might look like this
Hispano Suiza, you probably won't remember at all, used to build cars. Quite a few of them, actually, a very, very long time ago. Between 1904 and 1946, the Spanish company built over 12,000 luxury automobiles. Now it's back,
Could this be the next-gen CX-3?
Mazda has announced that it will be unveiling a new-generation SUV at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show.The Japanese car manufacturer hasn't provided much information regarding the brand-new addition to its lineup, save for confirmation that it will
“Eventually, we see that as a possibility”
Koenigsegg sees a battery-cell shortage in our all-electric, shiny new future. Which is why company boss Christian von Koenigsegg is a bit hesitant about building a proper, world-beating fully-electric hypercar.It's definitely something he imagines, though. "Eventually,
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