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Time to update your game
Players of Gran Turismo 7 will now be able to sample the bewinged, 532hp delights of Alfa Romeo's rather wonderful Giulia GTAm without being saddled with the other aspects of Alfa Romeo's rather wonderful Giulia GTAm.The mad Alfa forms
Time for an update!
Maybe we've just been playing racing games the wrong way this whole time, but whether it's Dirt, Forza or Gran Turismo, we'll always pick something fun over something fast. Yep, we hear it now; definitely playing the wrong way.
Looking to upgrade?
To be honest, I'd be perfectly fine with even the simplest of racing rigs. I am, after all, coming from using the PlayStation 5's standard DualSense controller, so anything with a racing wheel and a decent pedal set will already
Plus, you get two new cars from Pontiac and Porsche
Having won all but one race and claimed all but one pole position in the 1988 Formula One World Championship, the Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna McLaren MP4/4 deserves every bit of recognition it gets.And now it's set to
No game is perfect
Anyone who's been alive long enough to remember the early days of modern gaming will tell you that the hobby has evolved quite a bit since then.Technology has changed the way people enjoy their favorite titles, with consoles delivering new
So much to choose from
GT7's visual capabilities certainly make one of the finest, most eye-popping supercars even more, um, eye-poppier. Yes, that's a thing.Racing cars and vacuum cleaners have more in common than perhaps you might imagine. And the mighty Chaparral
Here he is showing off one of his rides
Remember when the Fast and Furious films killed off Han and he actually stayed dead for a while? Yeah, those were much simpler times. The franchise eventually brought the character back to life, but not before a hiatus that lasted a couple
Eight minutes long, not a second wasted
You might have noticed that there's a new PlayStation game out this week. Something called Gran Turismo 7, apparently?So, let us steal eight minutes of your time to watch the video below. It's the GT7 opening movie, and it
Only available in Spain, though
It's been well over a year since the PlayStation 5 was launched, and the console is still nearly impossible to get a hold of via mainstream retailers. If you're still on the hunt for yours, Sony has partnered with Toyota
Check out the new trailer
We defy you not to be utterly mesmerized by Sony's recent gameplay trailer showcasing the latest-and hugely anticipated-installment in the Gran Turismo series. Gran Turismo 7 is nearly upon us, and here's a few minutes of the Daytona
The list includes titles on all platforms
After a year of continued video-game console shortages, postponed releases, and, you know, that whole ongoing pandemic thing, 2022 is actually shaping up rather nicely-for fans of racing games, at least. The return of beloved franchises, stunning graphical showcases for
There will be several braking systems available in the game
Gran Turismo 7 is coming out in March 2022, and we've now learned that there will be a neat new addition to the game: Brembo brake upgrades.The popular designer and manufacturer of high-performance brakes has partnered with Gran Turismo
Excited to try this car out virtually?
If you haven't heard already, Gran Turismo 7 is still a long while off. It's now coming out in 2022, which means...well, it's tough luck for you if you recently bought a PlayStation 5 in anticipation of a
Well, this sucks
If you've been desperately trying to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 for the sole purpose of having a console ready for the release of Gran Turismo 7, you might want to hold off for a bit.In an interview
Planning to buy one?
Can't wait to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 so you can experience Gran Turismo 7 in all its next-gen glory when the game comes out? Hold up. Are you sure you know what you're in for?We'
It helps it's releasing on PlayStation 5
In case you missed it, the PlayStation 5 has finally been revealed. Not a logo, not a new controller, as in the actual next-generation console.More importantly, its initial lineup of games-which includes the likes of a Spider-Man sequel
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