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Plus electric motors
If Lego's own Ford Mustang kit looks a bit...plain, why not have a crack at this one? Yep, it's a pretty faithful recreation of Ken Block's 'Hoonicorn' Mustang-star of Gymkhanas Seven and Ten, plus Top Gear TV-
A Honda pickup channeling its inner Ken Block
We're told that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Ken Block should be mighty flattered at the car above. It's the work of a bloke called Alex Saint, who has taken a look at Kenny B's 900hp
A glowing addition to his growing garage
If you haven't noticed by now, Internet drift sensation and YouTube media star Ken Block has a thing for over-the-top liveries. We've seen it on his 1977 F-150 'Hoonitruck,' his World Rally Championship Fiesta, his Escort, and,
More than a decade’s worth of hooning and tire-shredding
It was way back in 2008 that the Internet first got wind of a driver named Ken Block and his rather natty skills at being an absolute and utter motoring hooligan. Give this man an airfield and he'll leave you with
The chief tire slayer will be drifting a slammed pickup in Gymkhana Ten
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we give you The Hoonitruck.It's Ken Block's latest company car, one that will play the lead role in the upcoming 10th installment of his iconic Gymkhana series, handily dubbed, um, 'Gymkhana Ten.'Wanting
We're shookt
When we first heard about the 1,400hp, methanol-swigging Hoonicorn V2, we were frightened. When we saw early shots of it vaporizing tires on the infamous Pikes Peak Hill Climb, we were alarmed. And now, full petrified terror arrives in the
Ken takes his antics off-road
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great pleasure that we can announce the return of Ken Block. Today, we bring you an exclusive look
Car goals
1) Ford Fiesta ST RX43The star of Gymkhana 5 was a 600hp Fiesta developed for KB's assault on the 2013 Global Rallycross Championship, and capable of 0-96kph in under two seconds. Just as well--its course involved outmaneuvering a giant
Featuring exotic supercars, of course
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Just like that and we're already on the eighth installment of Ken Block's Gymkhana video series. And this time, the popular drift
Boasting 333hp with 9,000rpm redline
In Ken Block's last Gymkhana video, we saw him drive the insane 845hp AWD Hoonicorn RTR, which was based on the bodyshell of a 1965 Ford Mustang. This time, he's going for another old-school Ford, his personal 1978 Mk2
We officially envy him
Ken Block's association with Ford since 2010 has been very fruitful for the YouTube auto gymkhana star. Not only does he get to drive rally-tuned Fiestas for a living, he also gets to play with some nice toys like an
Watch an 845hp Mustang drift
It's that time of the week again when you're no longer energized from the past weekend, and you're also "too far" from the next day off to look forward to it. In other words: It's a Wednesday.The
Gymkhana goes old school
When it comes to viral motoring videos, few are as good at them as Ken Block and his Gymkhana series. Here in the office, we crowd around a computer when a new Ken Block video is released. Needless to say, we think
Shot in Japan, of course
Ken Block was in Japan recently for his "Ken Block Nagoya Experience" event courtesy of his energy drink sponsor Monster Energy. As a matter of fact, the beverage's Philippine distributor, Crystalite Distribution, even ran a contest in February that awarded three
In a game of 'footkhana'
Petroleum company Castrol has brought together Brazilian football star Neymar Junior and Gymkhana superstar Ken Block in a crossover of sorts as they compete in what Castrol calls a "footkhana."The video starts with Neymar dribbling a football as he goes through
Watch it here
Over a year since Ken Block released his Gymkhana 5 video, the Monster Energy Drink salesman has finally come up with the sixth installment of his popular hooning series: Gymkhana 6: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course.For this installment, Block worked with
Transforming an otherwise sedate hatchback
The Mitsubishi Mirage is a sensible, everyday car. One with niceties like a spacious rear seat, a quiet engine and a comfortable ride. What we have here looks and sounds like a refugee from the latest Fast & Furious movie. Still, there\'s
Two more legs to go
The competition heated up in the Mitsubishi Mirage Gymkhana as the two teams fielded by Top Gear Philippines finished second and third during the second leg of the series held July 20 at Robinsons Nova Market in Novaliches.Banking on consistency and
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