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It's all in the footwork
Nine-time Formula 1 race winner and 2015 World Endurance Championship winner Mark Webber might not have raced since 2016, but he's clearly still got it. As this on-board video of him driving a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 4.0
A full rundown of what to expect
So, how was it for you, the last three seasons of hybrid V6 turbo-spec Formula 1? Yeah, we hear you...Despite the crushing superiority of Mercedes-so absolute that 2016 was the squad's most dominant performance since the new engine
And neither can you
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Texting and driving at the same time is a no-no, plain and simple. No matter how good you think you are at multitasking (
Watch the video
Wouldn't you give anything to take tennis superstar (and hottie) Maria Sharapova out for a spin? Of course, you'd need a really nice car to pull it off. But then, if you're a good-looking former Formula 1 driver
Former F1 driver chats with Top Gear UK
Porsche has just unveiled its LMP1 racer, the 919. And after a 16-year absence, the sports-car maker has high hopes that the 24 Hours of Le Mans title will return to Stuttgart.Top Gear UK's Jason Barlow recently sat
Before his Red Bull F1 contract expires
As Porsche marked the final test laps for 2013 of its LMP1 hybrid race car, newly retired Formula 1 driver Mark Webber made his debut with the team by taking the car out for a spin in spite of still being under
The boring season comes to an end
It was another Red Bull one-two--maybe not in the order Mark Webber had hoped for, but that wasn\'t what he was misty-eyed about when he took off his helmet during his final post-GP parade lap. Some of
Championship title almost in Vettel\'s pocket
The weekend was all about the Japanese Grand Prix, especially after the Vios Cup was postponed due to typhoon Santi. With Mark Webber on pole for the first time this season, we wondered whether he could translate it to his first win
Recent sound bites from sport\'s leading figures
This week in quotes* Lewis Hamilton was among those who spoke out against the booing being directed at Sebastian Vettel during the past few podium ceremonies. Believing that the jeers are partly because of his competitor\'s highly successful run over the
Were you able to catch it after the race?
If you thought Mark Webber\'s taxi ride on the sidepod of Fernando Alonso\'s Ferrari was one of the few fleeting highlights of the Singapore Grand Prix, you are now probably pissed beyond belief after hearing that both drivers got a
The long goodbye begins for Mark Webber
In the years to come, the 2013 British Grand Prix will be remembered, among other things, for Mark Webber\'s announcement of his Formula 1 departure. The good news is that it doesn\'t mean the Red Bull driver is hanging up
And move to Porsche and Le Mans in 2014
Red Bull Racing driver and Sebastian Vettel\'s frequent on-track sparring partner Mark Webber is leaving Formula 1 at the end of the 2013 season, and will drive for Porsche next year in both the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance
Sebastian Vettel confirms he is a douche bag
Today, Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel gave the phrase \"winning at all costs\" a pathetic meaning. He accomplished this by winning the Malaysian Grand Prix, just the second race in a long 19-leg season. The 25-year-old German is
Kimi Raikkonen just might pull it off
It's an intriguing thought: Can a Formula 1 driver bag the championship without winning even a single race? In theory, yes, it can be done. The trick is to consistently score points and have the luck to never retire from a
Ready to charge<br />
Red Bull Racing has launched the RB6, an evolution of its 2009 race car which brought the team to a second place finish in last year's Formula One campaign.The team said RB6's revelation late in the pre-
Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber won his first victory after seven seasons in Formula One.
Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber won his first victory after seven seasons in Formula One.Webber showed dominance at the Nürburgring leg of the season that he managed to shrug off a drive-through penalty for causing a collision
Mark Webber earned his first-ever pole position on the tricky track of Nürburgring, giving Red Bull Racing an advantage at the German Grand Prix.
Mark Webber earned his first-ever pole position on the tricky track of Nürburgring, giving Red Bull Racing an advantage at the German Grand Prix. After seven seasons and with no race wins to his name, Webber is undoubtedly eager to
Red Bull drivers charged to finish with a 1-2 victory at the British Grand Prix last weekend. Observers said Sebastian Vettel had been unstoppable right from the start and never let go of his pole position until the chequered flag as
Jenson Button made history in Istanbul as the first to beat the driver on pole position at the Turkish Grand Prix.Button likewise marked his sixth victory out of seven races this season.Button started the race on P2 but managed to
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