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One of the truly reliable AUVs from decades past
Before the advent of stylish and tech-loaded crossovers and midsize SUVs, Philippine roads were once dominated by the mighty Asian utility vehicle, or AUV for short. Our very own Niky Tamayo wrote a beautiful adieu to these models a few years
Bringing an AUV icon into the 21st century
The Mitsubishi Adventure was born in the late '90s. This Asian utility vehicle (AUV) was meant to challenge the Toyota Tamaraw and the Isuzu Highlander, but compared with its rivals, it was the one that evolved the least-in fact, the basic
All you need to know about this model, plus how to keep it running strong
Twenty years after its debut, the Mitsubishi Adventure has bowed out, having sold over 100,000 units in this country. An impressive feat for a truck that has gone on basically unchanged since the turn of the century. Its retirement has been
It's a matter of...timing
Our reader Jovellanos A. sent in an auto maintenance inquiry about timing belt replacement. Issues like this apply to cars that are a bit older. And we love that! Many of us here in Top Gear Philippines love the charm of older
An ode to the Isuzu Crosswind, Mitsubishi Adventure
On most Top Gear photo shoots, curious onlookers stop to ogle the cars, security guards rush out asking for permits, and half a dozen editors stand around shooting artsy pics for their Instagram accounts. Here, the only sound is the snickety-snick
Here's a circular from the LTO that clarifies things
As it turns out, the shelf life of Euro 2-compliant vehicles has been extended by a little bit thanks in part to this development. This is a follow up to the our recent Euro 4 story.According to the memorandum circular
Euro 2 extension expires this December
Don't panic, people. If you own an older vehicle, even one that is only at the Euro 2 emission standard, you can still register it at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) next year.After we wrote about Isuzu Crosswind's swan
New MPV will be revealed this year
When Euro 4 compliance was implemented more than a year ago, we wondered what would happen to legacy automotive models like the Mitsubishi L300 and the Adventure. At the Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) press conference for the locally made Mirage G4,
The ultimate MPV face-off
When it comes to people movers, few cars have the long-standing reputation that the Isuzu Crosswind and Mitsubishi Adventure enjoy. If you're driving around town, chances are you'll come across one of these MPVs somewhere along the way. These
You guys deserve it
So you've been out of the country for several years, working your ass off to provide a better life for your loved ones back home. You land in NAIA-hopefully for good this time-and an hour later you're out
Company set to join CARS program
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is poised to participate in the government's Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) program. This was the big announcement that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation CEO Osamu Masuko delivered this week.The even bigger news? Once the application is approved, its
To produce Adventure and L300
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has inaugurated its new 21-hectare vehicle assembly plant in Santa Rosa, Laguna. It is the same manufacturing plant it acquired early last year from Ford Philippines.With a slogan "Ready for the future," MMPC is preparing for its
From May to June
Since its introduction to the Philippine market in January 1998, the Mitsubishi Adventure has sold over 100,300 units. This is based on Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' latest tally last month.To mark this milestone and thank its customers, MMPC is taking off
Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
Hi, Top Gear. I am a fan, and I find your articles very useful. I recently bought a 2014 Mitsubishi Adventure GLX. Before I bought it, I had been told that its gasoline mileage was 12-17km/L.Now, I have been
With 'all-in package' tucked in
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines wants you to enjoy the endless road trips you've planned this summer by offering all-in packages for four of its best-selling models following a down payment of 15% of the selling price.This means that for
Here's what they did to their rides
Last week, we posted a photo of a lowered Mitsubishi Adventure on our Facebook page. In spite of the fact that the photo got quite a number of negative comments from "haters," the vehicle's owner was so happy seeing his car
Ideal for entrepreneurs
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has good news for entrepreneurs and those planning to put up their own business. The Japanese carmaker is running a promo this month called "Mitsubishi Buhay Negosyante Deals," which offers commercial vehicles under flexible terms that will suit any
Easy payment plans and freebies galore!
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is getting an early start on the Christmas holiday season by rolling out its Christmas Thrills promo for new-car buyers.According to Mitsubishi Philippines, its financing plans are so flexible that it can accommodate either low down payment
Montero Sport up for grabs
Mitsubishi is giving interested car buyers the fastest way to drive home a brand-new Mitsubishi vehicle with its Fastest Way to Drive Easy Own Plans.With Mitsubishi's low down payment plans, a buyer can drive home an Adventure, a Strada
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