As part of Mitsubishi Motors UK’s Heritage Fleet auction
Remember Mitsubishi Motors UK's big-time auction featuring a bunch of rare models? Well, folks, the auction just concluded, and the unicorns that went up for bids just sold for record hammer prices.The most sought-after vehicle was the ultra-
There are some gems within Mitsubishi’s heritage fleet
A big auction is happening in the UK next month. Mitsubishi Motors UK has announced that all 14 of its heritage vehicles will go under the hammer through the online platform Auto Auction, and the selection is really something to look at.
It’s currently up for auction
As far as cars on auction we've featured on this website go, this is definitely the most battered of the bunch. We usually look for squeaky-clean examples, but we're definitely willing to make an exception for this thing: A
Which is your pick?
The very best kind of car in the world is a wagon. Call it what you will: estate, dad chariot, weekender, sportwagon, or shooting brake, but the fact of the matter is that the second a manufacturer adds a big, open area
A fun solution to an age-old problem
If you're old enough to remember who MacGyver is-the original MacGyver, at least-then you've probably been wrenching on your car for a while. For those of us who've worked on older or more obscure cars, the pain
This family loves its wheels
For actor, comedian, and TV host Ryan Yllana, cars have always been a point of interest. admitting to being a bona fide gearhead, Ryan got his passion for anything with four wheels from his brothers, most notably his Kuya Jomari, who used
It paved the way for Mitsubishi’s dominance in the WRC
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines(MMPC) always has a special treat that it saves for the anticipated Philippine international Motor show. As of late, the company has been shipping in historic rally cars from its heritage museum in Japan. These retired competition vehicles continue
Would the LTO consider these cars ‘modified?'
When the Land Transportation Office (LTO) suggested that manufacturers be tasked with certifying aftermarket modifications for cars, I gave a chuckle, because: one, that's not the job of the manufacturers, that's a job for certifying agencies like the LTO; two,
In rally spec, of course
Yes, this week's pick of the online car ads really is a Mitsubishi Galant. But to create a sense of intrigue to make sure you don't tut, shake your head and move on, this is a Galant worth over £100,
Was this your automotive era?
If we looked at university parking lots two decades ago, we would have been struck by how limited the automotive badges were in diversity. It was understandable though, considering carmakers had only begun returning to our market after the People Power Revolution
We have some photos for you
This 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 may have been the star of the recent 4th Philippine International Motor Show, at least to those who are old enough to have followed the international rally scene back in the day. It looks very cool
So where will we get our local units?
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's plan to utilize its plant in Illinois in the United States to assemble global market vehicles begins next year with the Outlander Sport crossover utility vehicle expected to be the first model to roll out of the facility.
Global small car to be sold globally including Southeast Asia
Mitsubishi Motors president Osamu Masuko has confirmed the demise of US-made Eclipse, Endeavor and Galant as the Japanese car brand focuses on the production of global-market vehicles in its American plants.Masuko revealed via that the US-made
Gone for good?
Mitsubishi could put some its slow-selling models out of misery by killing them off as the Japanese carmaker has reportedly decided to concentrate on building small cars that can be sold worldwide.According to, the future of the Galant
Here are some recollections and lessons
My dad and I spent lots of time together in his old Galant wagon and, when I was a toddler, riding shotgun with him was always the highlight of my day. He would take me everywhere he went like the Star Cafe
Very inspiring stuff
I have to put this one up, even if I already made a post about the last old-school swap meet. Thanks for leaving comments, and being real friendly! Glad that you guys like the pictures that I put up, too. I
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