And we still want it
Here's some exciting kei-car news from Japan! This is a Honda S660 modified by Mugen, and we need little else in our lives. Any possessions that won't fit in its diminutive storage areas aren't worth hanging onto. Let'
Sports cars don’t have a monopoly on racing
Lasting just two seasons between 1979 and 1980, Procar was a splendid idea to boost interest in the ailing BMW M1 supercar. The boss of BMW Motorsport pitched a support series for the Formula 1 championship, where F1's elite drivers (and
Meet the Mugen RC20GT
Opinions on the styling of the Honda Civic Type R vary wildly, but we'd wager very few of them bemoan its timidity. It is, without much question, a punchy-looking thing.Not if you work at Mugen, though. Honda's tuning
Both wearing a sporty blue paint job
It seems like Filipinos just can't get enough of the Honda Jazz. The Japanese carmaker has noticed and, in response, has rolled out two new special-edition variants of its sporty little hatchback.The Jazz Cool Blue Modulo Limited Edition (pictured
Making regular cars more appealing
The recently held Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 was a vibrant showcase of the aftermarket car scene. It didn't just display what Japan had to offer in the way of tuning and customization, it likewise gave us a glimpse of how much
Only 12 units to be sold
It's safe to say that the Honda Jazz is one of the sharper-looking subcompact hatchbacks in our market. There's no doubt that it's a stylish ride. But you aren't exactly going to stand out driving one because
Or test-drive any unit for cool prizes
Since it opened shop in 1990, Honda Cars Philippines has consistently offered products that appeal to the motorist who wants to have fun behind the wheel. So, on its 25th birthday, it's only fitting that HCPI give away something that reflects
Are they worth your money?
If you prefer an accessorized version of the Honda HR-V, well, you don't have to look further. Honda Cars Philippines is already offering two spiced-up versions of the subcompact crossover via the 1.8 E CVT Modulo and 1.
For customers who love aftermarket products
This Christmas season, share the holiday cheers with your Honda car. Do so by dropping by the newest Honda Accessory Corner business units at Honda Cars Alabang and Honda Cars Global City.Authorized Honda dealerships all sell Modulo and Mugen accessories, but
Options increase from 3 to 6
When Honda Cars Philippines refreshed the Civic earlier this year, it also streamlined the lineup of its venerable compact sedan. The top variants received Mugen and Modulo kits, and a 1.8 S automatic was retained for those who preferred the stock
Only 30 units to be sold
For some time now, we've been pestering Honda Cars Philippines to let us test-drive a manual variant of its Jazz model. You see, because the buying public prefers automatic transmissions over manual gearboxes by a wide margin, most demo units
Shown at the recent PIMS
First shown as a prototype during the new Honda City's launch early this year, the City VX Mugen Special Edition was finally introduced largely unchanged at the recently concluded Philippine International Motor Show.The VX Mugen edition's factory-installed improvements
For those who don't like stock-looking cars
Within its price range, the Honda City is arguably the best subcompact sedan on the market today. We drove City units going up and down Tagaytay, to attend the media sneak peek for the Brio and the Brio Amaze. The smooth and
Followed by Honda San Pablo
Honda Cars Greenhills has just become the first Honda dealership in the country to have a dedicated corner for Mugen and Modulo accessories. Called the "Honda Accessory Corner," the showroom store is being piloted first at Honda Cars Greenhills and Honda Cars
How much will they cost you?
During last night's much-anticipated launch of the all-new Honda Jazz, it was hard to ignore the fact that two out of the three cars on display were fitted with accessories. Honda Cars Philippines is clearly making a strong case
But base variant still available
Like we said in the previous article, Honda Cars Philippines unveiled today the face-lifted Civic. Still powered by the current 2.0- and 1.8-liter engines, the Civic is now available in three variants:2.0 EL Mugen - P1,368,
Only 20 units to be made available
Honda Cars Philippines will offer in limited numbers a version of its City subcompact sedan that has been given original Mugen accessories.According to HCPI, the City Mugen Limited Edition \"enhances the ownership experience\" by equipping a 1.5-liter EL automatic-
Check out the list
So, the Honda CR-Z is now officially available in our market. Aside from the competitive pricing, one of the most significant things about this car is that it can be had in two special editions: the Modulo Edition and the Mugen
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