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What say you?
Remember that Segway electric go-kart from a few years back? It appears a new and improved version will be rolling out soon.This is the new Ninebot GoKart Pro. Just like its predecessor, it has a payload capacity of 100kg and
Our kind of toy
Well, now we know what'll be sitting at the top of out Christmas wishlist this year.This is the Ninebot x Lamborghini GoKart Pro. Essentially, this is an edgier version of the nifty Segway go-kart with a popping yellow paint
It’s the end of an era
It's been almost two decades since the Segway personal transporter (PT) made its global debut. Unfortunately, its run has come to an end, as Segway Inc. has just announced that it is halting production of its self-balancing two-wheeler.According
It's almost Christmas
Remember Segway? Yeah, it's been a while since anyone's mentioned the name. Well, the company's still around, and it's still busy mixing up the electric-powered personal mobility scene. Need proof? It's
Caddies are going to love this
Let me begin by stating I do not play golf. I never have, and doubt I ever will--I just never learned to appreciate the sport. One of the things I do appreciate, however, is a good vehicle. If it looks good,
Is the deal worth it?
Okay, this will be short. Segway Philippines--formally known as Simply Moving Philippines--has introduced a sales promo that entitles a buyer to a free unit of the popular personal-mobility device if said buyer purchases 10 units. Sure, that sounds a
This week only
If you've bought a copy of our Green Issue (August 2012), you've most likely seen our columnist Ramon Bautista attempting to be eco-minded by riding a Segway Personal Transporter around a zoo. We did that story to inform our
Less than a year after buying the company
In what could only be described as tragic irony, the owner of the company that manufactures the Segway personal transporter died after he fell off a cliff while riding one of his firm's self-balancing motorized scooters.James William Heselden was
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