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It’s the size of a Mini Countryman and claims up to 440km of range
Not really the most elegant solution...
That's...actually a question that's hard to answer in one sentence. It's called the Dock+Go, which, going just by the name, could really be anything from an old-school iPod dock to a bike-share system. As you
The last one proves that power isn’t everything, though
What could have more promise, more raw curb appeal, than a mid-engined, pointy-nosed Ferrari with a V8 engine burbling away behind the seats? Well, one with more than 153hp, for a kick-off.Yep, in 1980, Ferrari decided to pull
Aside from being a two-seater
The best place for electric power is a city. The best city car is a tiny one. That's the prima facie case for the electric Smart EQ Fortwo.It's not like Smart didn't see this coming. When Mercedes-Benz
Lazy marketing? Not when they make sense
The Nissan Cube was, once upon a time, the best-selling car in Japan. This is why we love Japanese car culture at Top Gear-they tend not to buy boring cars.The second-gen Cube really ran with the boxier-than-
The tuner has managed to squeeze more power out of the EV
Got your eyes on a new Smart EQ fortwo, but think it looks a little, well, cutesy? Not to worry, because Brabus is here to help.This is the Brabus Ultimate E Facelift-the Merc tuner's latest take on the little
What were the product planners thinking?
Nope, it's not for Top Gear alumnus Clarkson that this monstrosity was created. It was the creation of fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who apparently has a propensity to affix wings that sweep back about as gracefully as Donald Trump's hair
In Europe and North America, at least
A couple of years ago, Smart promised us that it would stop building combustion-engined cars for Europe and North America by the end of 2019. We're getting close to that deadline, and the German brand has made good on its
Only 21 of these will be built
Stop covering your eyes. What you see above is the design for the final 21 combustion-engined Smart Fortwos before the brand goes fully-electric later this year. Incidentally, that'll make it the first manufacturer to switch from combustion to complete
A cool EV with a weird name
If your appetite for new metal hasn't already been thoroughly whetted this week, feast your eyes on THIS... Smart.Yep, it's another Geneva-bound concept car-a speedster-style Smart called the 'Forease+'. It's based on the normal ForTwo
Finally, an alternative to sleeping
The holiday season is fast approaching; meaning thousands of Manila-based Filipinos will be heading to the province for a little rest and relaxation or a visit to the relatives.While many will be heading out in their own personal cars, a
It can pair riders with similar interests
This is the Smart Vision EQ Fortwo, and it is the first car in Daimler's mighty empire to completely do without a steering wheel or any pedals. Welcome, to a rather scary, wipe-clean future.The reason for a lack of
A mobile boom box, in other words
Many car enthusiasts nowadays like to "pimp their ride" by changing the wheels, tweaking the engine, and modifying the look via bodykit. But one of the most modified part of any car is the audio system. In fact, never mind that the
Watch it
While browsing the Internet, we stumbled upon this humorous ad from Smart Automobile, a sister company of Mercedes-Benz. Smart is about to reveal its latest city car, and it created this parody to drum up interest in its new product. Even
Meet the FourJoy concept
Just when you think Smart can no longer come up with another configuration for its basic car architecture, here comes another one. This is the FourJoy concept, which the German compact carmaker is presenting at this month\'s Frankfurt Motor Show. Smart
Check out these fancy rides
PARIS--While this year may be my first time to cover the Paris Motor Show, I can confidently say that all those years I've spent going to other international motor shows like Tokyo and Detroit, have rendered me difficult to impress
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