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Dubbed the Nissan Z GT500, it will compete in the Super GT series starting 2022
That wing though
You might not recognize it from afar considering the oversized fenders and insane amount of aero, but this is the all-new Subaru BRZ.The Japanese carmaker has just released a teaser video featuring the sports car in Super GT guise, and
“No one wanted it—it was too complex to run, too expensive”
Secondhand car dealers use all kind of zany bait to try and lure potential buyers in. In the US, those giant inflatable men that look like they're having a disco seizure are common. In the UK, they tend to park an
Plus slick tires and big wings. They’re still hybrids, though
The Toyota Prius is automotive spreadable yeast extract. It's loved by Uber drivers and Dirty Mike and the Boys, but loathed by people who appreciate decent driving dynamics and doors that are a gauge thicker than a sardine can's lid.
The series that made its name
Good news-the new Toyota Supra is going racing.Starting in 2020, a GT-spec Supra will compete in Japan's Super GT championship. Previewed by a suspiciously finished-looking concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon, plan is for the Supra to
Next month—which is also when the production-spec car will be unveiled
Toyota really knows how to tease. We're still yet to see the finished production-spec Supra, yet rather than give us even a slight glimpse at it, the carmaker is diverting our attention toward one of its race-car cousins.Well,
“It feels so good to be a champion once again”
He may have finished the final round of the championship in third place, but he emerges as the winner: Jenson Button is the 2018 Super GT champion.The 2009 F1 champ claimed the drivers' title alongside his co-driver Naoki Yamamoto in-
Where the craziness of the grid spectacle is beaten only by the intensity of the racing
Everything is familiar, except it isn't. Not quite. There is shotgun neon, and purposeful bustle. There are huddles of shops, striding people and the pulse of commerce, industrious swarms of taxis and more neon, layered upon each other in a deluge
And what's in store for its future
Koji Sato: The chassis and drivetrain [of the Super GT cars] are different from the production car. But the upper body section is the same shape as the commercial car. So we test many things for the LC's dynamic performance on
End of an era
The Suzuka 1000km, held at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, has been a mainstay of endurance racing for decades. It's been a part of Super GT (the top level of sports car racing in Japan) since 2006. Sadly, this year marks
It looks evil
This is the new Nissan GT-R GT500. It's Nismo's race car for the GT500 class of Japan's Super GT series, which as you can see, runs slightly different regulations to the sports car championships of Europe. Feast your
Time for a track attack
The 2017 Honda NSX-GT is now up and running. The Japanese carmaker has finally unveiled its entry into this year's Super GT series, and man does it look sick-all black, eager to take to the track.And speaking of
Buriram is worth the trip
Here at Top Gear Philippines, our assignments can take us to places far and wide in pursuit of the best automotive stories. When we got the invite from Nissan to join the Nismo media group for round 7 of Super GT in
Thailand did not disappoint
Last week, we were fortunate enough to be invited by Nissan Philippines to Buriram, Thailand, to witness round 7 of the 2016 Super GT season. The weekend at Chang International Circuit was filled with all the right ingredients that make motorsport events
The 'Land of Smiles' delivers
The biggest reason to attend a motorsport event, at least in our opinion, is the racing. These events give you the chance to watch elite drivers push well-engineered cars to the limit. The loud engine roars and slick maneuvers are a
Meet the mean-looking GT-R Nismo GT500
You already know that both Honda and Lexus are competing in next year\'s Japan Super GT series with the NSX Concept-GT and the LF-CC Concept, respectively. Well, Nissan has also reaffirmed its commitment to the racing series, recently announcing
To go head-to-head with Honda NSX Concept-GT
It looks like Honda won\'t be the only one fielding a concept-based race car at the Super GT Series in Japan next year, as Lexus has also confirmed it will run a car based on the LF-CC.According to
Ready for the 2014 season
The next-generation Honda NSX has yet to go into production, but that hasn\'t stopped the Japanese carmaker from presenting what the car will look like as a competitor in Japan\'s 2014 Super GT racing series.According to Honda, the
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