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Here's something neat for all you Rick and Morty fans out there. Bicycle manufacturer State Bicycle Co. has just released an officially licensed collaboration with the hit Adult Swim animated television series, dropping everything from portal-themed two-wheelers to cycling
Aw, here it goes!
Hey, '90s kids, guess what? July 15 marks 22 years since the first episode of Kenan & Kel aired on Nickelodeon. Feel old yet? Yeah, don't worry, we do too. If you're too young (or too old...) to remember, the show
If you were old enough then, that is
The '80s was full of pop cultural milestones. The decade featured the birth of music videos and video games, and the hip-hop scene was finally beginning to gain traction. One element of the '80s which we're sure stuck with you--
Starring car nut Richard Rawlings
While we're still feeling a little forlorn over the airing of the final Top Gear episode with the famous trio, let's not forget that there are still other motoring shows out there. They may not be as fun as the
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The British newspaper The Telegraph has reported that Andy Wilman--producer of the world's most popular motoring TV show, Top Gear (ahem)--said the high-octane television series is designed for viewers with a mental age of nine. Our TV counterpart,
Complete with Clarkson-like voice-over
Someone who could probably be described as a Top Gear fan has created a parody of the show\'s classic intro using graphics from the recently released Grand Theft Auto 5 video game.Created by one Stuart Brown, the intro for the
For car nuts and couch potatoes<br />
A new car-centric animated series is about to invade the boob tube.Trailers for The Driver have made their way to YouTube to boost the excitement of anime junkies. The well-rendered the CGI animation--down to minute details like the
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