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Serious case of wanderlust
Three friends, a beat up Volkswagen Kombi, and a 12,000km, 10-month journey through Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. If the 'Baconeers' aren't living the dream, we don't know who is.The Baco-what? The Baconeers are a road-tripping
Just make it already
Just make it already. Volkswagen has teased us with all manner of small minibus concepts that hark back to the 21-window Microbus, from Bulli to Budd-e, without committing to production on any of them.So with the launch of the
Old but gold
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Car restoration in the middle of the woods. We've all run into decrepit, rust-covered rides we wish we could take home. This
It's the ultimate man cave
Admit it: You probably wanted a bed shaped like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari when you were a kid. And be honest: You'd still get one as an adult if you had the chance. As Milhouse's dad bragged in one
It took him two decades
The Volkswagen Type 2, more popularly known as the Kombi--short for the German word Kombinationkraftwagen--is an iconic van loved the world over. Its status is very much like the Beetle's. This van provided quality transport at a very low
Displayed at Consumer Electronics Show
Remember the Volkswagen Microbus aka the Type 2? Those old enough may recognize the van as the Kombi sold in our market. It was popular during the flower-power era of the '60s as family transport.Those who miss this iconic VW
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