Is it legal in PH to tint headlights with a vinyl film?

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by Ferman Lao | Dec 6, 2012

Is it legal to tint headlights with a vinyl film?

Florentino Evasco Jr.


I don't know if it's legal or not, but if the tint reduces light transmission, then it's not a good idea. Tinting the headlight reduces the amount of light being projected by the headlights, thereby reducing visibility. Combine that with a tinted windshield and you've got a visually impaired driver (who unknowingly did this to himself) and an accident waiting to happen.

Some piece of trivia: There are differences between the headlight patterns of Europe- and US-standard vehicles, by the way. Those designed according to US standards supposedly have a spread pattern (the distance and the width of the illuminated area) that's not as "good" as European standards with regard to beam cutoff among other things.

Bottom line: Whether it's legal or illegal, do not do it if it will compromise safety.

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Ferman Lao
Technical Editor

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