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Hi! I know this is a silly question. I have been driving a manual transmission car for around seven years, but I would like to buy an automatic for a change. I've heard that you cannot jump-start an automatic transmission car through pushing, but can you push it when it's stuck in mud? Sorry for the stupid question. More power!

Kenneth Wilson Viray


Hi Kenneth,

A man much wiser than I once said that there are no stupid questions. Of course, you can push an automatic transmission car when it's stuck in the mud.

There is absolutely no difference between a car that's equipped with a manual transmission and one with an automatic transmission. They're both going to be stuck in the mud unless some outside force helps them free of their sticky situation.

There are only two questions I would ask myself when I get stuck in the mud. The first one is ,'Why did I ignore that voice in my head that's been telling me to turn around?' The next question would be, 'Why didn't I bring a four-wheel drive vehicle with locking differentials instead?'

In fact, if I foresaw myself getting into muddy situations often, I would almost always be taking the four-wheel drive with locking differentials or failing that, one that's got a very good all-terrain traction control system.

On a different note, you can avoid the need to have to have your car push-started by always keeping it well-maintained. More often than not, it's the lack of upkeep that leads to those situations. 

Ferman Lao

Technical Editor

Ferman Lao
Technical Editor
Wearing the hats of a race car driver, driving instructor, grease monkey, tuner, dyno operator, auto shop owner, motoring journalist and CAGI president at one time or another, or all at once, deep down he's just another guy who loves cars.
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