Gallery: Best of the old and new at the 2019 Dubai Motor Show

Armored vehicles, a massive Chinese limo, and a load of classic supercars
by Vijay Pattni | Nov 18, 2019

1) Jannarelly Design-1

Remember this? Clamshell-roofed supercar gets a home motor show spot. It’s built in Dubai, after all, and gets a Nissan V6. Nice.

2) Fab Design Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

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Don’t see these very often, right? This one’s been tuned by Fab Design, because of course.

3) Bugatti Chiron

Need we say any more about this car?

4) Aston Martin One-77

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Been a while since we’ve seen the gorgeous One-77. And with 77 built in total, will probably be a while before we see one again.

5) Hongqi L5

This is a simply marvelous Chinese limousine, and we’re having zero arguments about that. 

6) Inkas Titan

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It’s a very big, really very armored car.

7) Armored Mercedes G-Class

This too, has been armored. Inkas told Top Gear it strips the interior and retrofits all the armouring, so there’s no visual cues as to its capability. Apart from the really bloody heavy doors, which you won’t be able to blow off.

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8) Jaguar I-Pace

Now for a little change, pace. Jag’s electric SUV gets a prime spot on the Dubai show floor...

9) Land Rover Defender

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10) Chevrolet Corvette

The new mid-engined ’Vette got a Middle Eastern debut, in this fetching color combo. You lot still 50/50 on the looks?

11) Ferrari 512 BB

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Now for something a little older...and so, so very cool.

12) Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina

Another entry from Maranello, here. V12s FTW.

13) Brabus Mercedes-AMG G-Class

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Ah, nice and subtle from Brabus, as always.

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