This is what an Audi RS6 sedan could look like

For non-wagon fans
by Stephen Dobie | Sep 1, 2019
PHOTO: X-Tomi Design

There’s a brand-new Audi RS6. You might have noticed. Like the RS6 that went before it, it uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a whisker short of 600hp. And like the RS6 that went before it, you can only have it as an Avant.

Which is fine. We adore fast wagons. But what if Audi broke with its recent tradition, and once again made an RS6 sedan? This, according to internet rendering geniuses X-Tomi Design, is what it would look like.

What we have are the new RS6’s aggressive visual flourishes—that shouty, angry mouth, a heavily sculptured hood, and those arches—applied to a four-door that’s been painted a garish orangey red rather than the Avant’s subdued, stealthy gray.

Looks good, no? In a world where we regularly campaign for BMW to bring back M Division Tourings, having to pester Audi to make RS sedans might seem odd. So, should we?

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PHOTO: X-Tomi Design
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