According to you guys, these are the countries with the best public transportation systems

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by | Aug 20, 2021
PHOTO: Angela Bayona

A good public transportation system doesn’t just mean it’s easy for commuters to get around. How efficient, advanced, or well-maintained a country’s train lines and buses are can also be indicative of how well (or bad) a nation is doing overall.

Just look at Japan. Its railway system is clean, always on time, and incredibly organized—something you can say about the rest of the country, too.

Tokyo is hardly the only shining beacon of public transport done right, though. We asked you guys for more examples on our official Facebook account, and those of you who’ve been around had a ton of places and experiences abroad to share with us.

Norway, Taiwan, Singapore—yes, a few of the usual suspects popped out in the comments. But there were plenty of other nations mentioned as well. Below are the countries with the best public transportation systems in the world, according to our readers:


“Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai.” – Jake Valencerina

“Singapore and Japan.” – Julio Veloso

“Australia—Melbourne, at least.” – Wyden Sagun

“Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, HK, and Japan.” – Cheska Nolasco-Lorenzana

“Amsterdam, Melbourne, Tokyo, Taipei, and Singapore.” – Vince Destreza Laxamana

“Japan, South Korea, and China.” – Lorenzo Pacho

“Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, and England.” – Dennis R. Guiban

“Singapore and Japan. Although you really have to walk to get to the stop and station.” – Joie Ricafort Dianzon

“Taiwan: Child-friendly, easy to navigate! And cheap.” – Ahbie Ramos

“Japan—always on time!” – Eisen Ternate

“Singapore: Interval of train is every two minutes or less. Stations are very clean and most are air-conditioned.” – Susan Bondoc

“Switzerland: Buy a single ticket for a month, ride all you can, no checks, no gates, no conductors, just pure honesty.” – Meir Mhel Bayta Caponga

“Would say Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Argentina, Singapore, UAE, Spain, Denmark, the Baltic States have pretty good public transport, too. The UK has decent public transport.” – Yves Villanueva

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“Frankfurt. It’s free going around town, though the U-Bahn trains were full of graffiti; the newer S-Bahn trains were modern, clean, and on time. But comparing it to Hong Kong subway, I have to choose the latter. Fast, efficient, clean, and reaches every end of HK territory.” – Ian Banci Velasco

“Melbourne: Free Tram (Free Tram Zone). You don’t need a myki card if you’re only traveling in the city’s Free Tram Zone or on the City Circle Tram. This includes free ride on the Free Tram Zone that extends from Queen Victoria Market to Docklands, Spring Street, Flinders Street Station, and Federation Square.” – Harvey Linarez

“In Hong Kong, I loved the way that you just download an app, then from your origin, you search for the destination. The app will give you a very detailed route to your destination, the exact exit to the train station, the bus stop, and the bus you need to take, etc.” – Lucky Erwin S. Azarcon


“Austria (Vienna). No turnstiles on metros, bicycle-oriented, great street designs, trams.” – Roy Salazar Mendoza

Have more experiences to share with us? Just place a comment in the Facebook post below:

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PHOTO: Angela Bayona
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