How to get rid of blind spots in your side mirrors

A method worth trying
by Jason Tulio | Sep 25, 2017


When you're behind the wheel, being surprised by a sudden swerving motorcycle, bicycle or kariton is uncomfortable at best and panic-inducing at worst. Those blind spots in your side mirrors are a huge pain in the you-know-what, but they're a widely accepted reality of driving.

However, there is one method to adjusting your side mirrors that claims to eliminate those gaps in your vision. Watch the video above to see how it works. Basically, the angle of your mirrors should have a small overlap with your rear-view mirror, thus giving you somewhat of a panoramic coverage of your back and sides.

To see if you've got it right, watch a car as it approaches from your rear-view mirror. Before it leaves your rear-view, it should appear in one of the side mirrors. Then it will be visible to you on the side as it leaves the side mirror. In theory, you should be able to keep track of said car at all times, preventing those 'Whoa!' moments when you're driving. The only downside here is not being able to see the sides of your own car, which can be disconcerting to some.

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Click play then give it a try in your car. Let us know how you find it in the comments.

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