Do you think the Chevrolet Corvette C8 works as a shooting brake?

Theoretical question because...well, mid-mounted V8
by Stephen Dobie | Aug 8, 2019
PHOTO: X-Tomi Design

Chevrolet unveiled a new Corvette Stingray recently. You might have noticed. The comment-y section of the Internet certainly did, with the first production mid-engined ’Vette splitting opinion when it comes to styling.

Opinion that may or may not change with this render. It’s a very-not-real Corvette shooting brake, masterfully created via the fine electronic felt tips of X-Tomi Design.

What do you reckon? Do the C8 Corvette’s proportions improve with the addition of some trunk space and (presumably) a hatchback, or is it even trickier to wrap your eyes around in more practical form?

The logistical issues of a rear cargo area full of shopping/dogs when there’s a high-revving V8 amidships are moot, of course, because this isn’t real. So, let’s pretend that cockapoos and engines can share space happily and ponder: Should this be a real thing?

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PHOTO: X-Tomi Design
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