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This guy chopped his Honda NSX in half so he could take his dog on a road trip

Man’s best friend indeed
PHOTO: RedHerringPhotography on Instagram

This might be the most Internet story ever. See, Chris Cut—to use sappy online parlance—is living his best life. At nine years old, he saw a silver Honda NSX in the car park of his dentist. If he didn’t need orthodontic work before, he sure did after, as his jaw hit the floor through sheer infatuation. At that moment, he knew one day he had to own a fast Japanese wedge.

Three years ago, his dream came true: He picked up his first Honda NSX...on Valentine’s Day. We told you it was true love. Since then, he has bought two more NSXs (must be a polyamorous relationship), one of which he has strapped a roof box and tent to, while the other has been chopped in half to make a trailer. Why? Because he plans on taking Cassius—his 12-year-old German shepherd/border collie mix—on a road trip around America in them.

Hollywood scriptwriters, are you getting this? JDM cars + dogs + angle grinders + road trips = our kind of romcom.

But, unlike some of the Internet commenters that saw the angle-griding footage suggested, Chris isn’t some supercar sadist or troll. In fact, giving the NSX the old Debbie McGee chop suey treatment has actually given it a second life.

The donor car used was previously in two accidents. Big accidents. The first saw it rear-ended, writing off the car. It was then issued a salvaged title, repurchased, and repaired. However, the seemingly cursed NSX was duffed up again, this time in the front. In fact, it was hit so hard that the floor buckled. And as insurance companies won’t salvage a car twice, it was destined for the scrapyard in the sky. Luckily, Chris saw it online, and he drove to Washington DC and literally picked up the shell (being aluminum, it weighs only 180kg), threw it in the back of a rental van, and took it home to fabricate into a trailer.

It’s going to be pulled along by Chris’s 1996 NSX. One fitted with a host of modifications, notably Comptech headers, Pride V2 RFL exhaust, D2 air suspension and management from Airlift (allowing for up to eight inches of ground clearance for mild off-roading), new bumpers, a Type R style hood, Vinny’s Sideskirts, Spoon NSX-R GT side scoops, a carbon Type R wing, a custom roof rack (for either a cargo box or the rooftop tent), and a passenger-seat delete so Cassius can lounge in a custom dog bed.

The plan is for Chris and Cassius to do a cross-country trip later this summer, starting in Connecticut and wiggling his way to California and back via all of America’s top National Parks. Chris is even planning on getting a Honda Motocompo, then adding a sidecar to it so he and Cassius can pootle around campsites on the raddest JDM tender in the world.

Hands up, who wants to join them? This might be the best road trip ever.

NOTE: This article first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: RedHerringPhotography on Instagram
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