Crazy carts: We try out a low-cost way to quench our thirst for drifting

Go sideways without emptying your wallet
by Tracy Carpena | Sep 30, 2015

Crazy carts at Robinsons Magnolia

Who says drifting is only for adults with fat bank accounts? And who says karts are just for kids?

Well, it's true for the most part. Thankfully, however, "crazy carts" will now let you experience sideways fun even when your drift-car fund hasn't reached its halfway mark yet.

The Top Gear Philippines team set out to try these kid-friendly karts at Robinsons Magnolia. To spice up the experience, we also had a drifting competition with the Drift Box guys as judges. Because crazy carts are not proper cars, racing veterans on the team had to unlearn a few drifting techniques. Learn more about these drifting karts by watching the video below.

And to learn more about the anatomy of this cute machine and to find out the victor of our drifting challenge, it's not too late to grab a copy of our September 2015 issue. It's still out on newsstands, or you may download the digital version via Summit Newsstand.

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