Video: Does the new Ford EcoSport’s turbo engine live up to the hype?

Watch our review to find out
by Jason Tulio | Nov 17, 2018

The old Ford EcoSport proved a bestseller for the American carmaker. Just take a look around a busy street and count how many subcompact crossovers with blue badges you come across. It made sense: It was affordable and spacious, but also compact enough to squeeze through our notoriously narrow and crowded streets.

Earlier this year, Ford released a refreshed version of its leading model. It features a nip-and-tuck here and there, but the biggest change is under the hood. The top-of-the-line Titanium variant sports a 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine with 125hp and 170Nm, paired to a new six-speed automatic.

What Ford is trying to do is address one of the biggest gripes that people had with the pre-facelift model—that is, what it had in utility, it sorely lacked in performance. The old engine was sluggish, and the transmission could be rough at times.

So when we heard that the updates to the EcoSport extended to the engine bay, we couldn’t wait to try out. Without giving anything away, we can say that our findings were indeed positive.

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