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Stretched Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar E-Type is arguably the most beautiful car ever built, consistently placing high (if not first) on various lists that pay tribute to the most stylish rides in the car kingdom. No wonder that it is a favorite among collectors of classic cars as well as enthusiasts who love restoring old automobiles.

The American owner of this 1968 E-Type (Series 1 4.2), however, is something else. For starters, he asked Classic Motor Cars in the UK to stretch his roadster by 4.5 inches. And when everything was done, he also requested for a trailer to go with the car. CMC reportedly created this trailer "from two E-Type rear ends joined together."

The owner, Paul Branstad, then gave the car a nickname: Kaizen, after Toyota's principle of continuous improvement. He came up with the name because he thought that "the original Jaguar designer, Malcolm Sayer, would have approved of what he wanted to do to the car while preserving its essence."

Not bad, is it?


Stretched Jaguar E-Type with trailer

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