Jo Koy has something to say about stick-family decals at the back of cars

The popular comedian is in the country for a show
by Drei Laurel | Jan 6, 2020

Do you plaster stick-family decals on the rear windshield of your car? If yes, Fil-Am comedian Jo Koy may or may not be a fan of your choice of decoration, depending on the members of said stick family you’ve stuck on. 

In a short video uploaded on his official Instagram profile, Jo Koy—whose real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert—had something to say about a stick family he had seen on the rear of a Ford Excursion SUV in the US. Watch, but make sure you’re wearing headphones because the footage is hardly safe for work:

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“We’re tailing this SUV, and it’s got this small family in it, look,” he says in the video. “There’s a Dad, Mom, daughter, daughter, daughter, son, son, daughter, daughter, daughter, and a set of twin daughters,” Jo Koy adds, poking fun at how huge the stick family is.

The comedian then proceeds to stress how much of a circus such a large household probably is. “What the f***. Pull out, you guys.”

Through watching the video? We told you it wasn’t safe for work.

We wonder how much Jo Koy can add to his routine just by driving from one end of EDSA to the next. He’s here in the Philippines for a show right now, after all. What do you say, guys?

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