What are the requirements for LTO student-permit applications?

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by Leandre Grecia | Aug 19, 2020
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If you’re an existing driver’s license holder or are applying for a new one anytime soon, then you may have probably heard about the new application guidelines laid down by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The requirements of driver’s license applications have changed drastically under these new guidelines. For example: The LTO now requires the submission of driving course completion certificates—one for the Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) and the other for the Practical Driving Course (PDC)—for both new applications and license renewals.

Now, since some of these are pretty big changes, there’s probably a good chance that a lot of people find these new guidelines complicated. So, to help you guys out, we’re coming up with guides for various LTO license applications. Let’s start with student-driver permits. If you need to learn more about the topic, then read on. As for new applications and renewals of professional and non-professional driver’s licenses, we’ll cover those in a future story.

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Requirements for LTO student-driver permit application

1) Accomplished Application for Driver’s License (ADL) form

The ADL can simply be requested at the LTO office upon arrival and should be accomplished by the applicant.

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2) Birth certificate (with marriage contract for married women)

Applicants will have to submit both original and photocopies of their duly authenticated National Statistics Office (NSO) or Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) birth certificates. Married women should take note that they also need to submit original and photocopies of their marriage contracts.

3) Parent’s/guardian’s consent and valid government-issued ID (for minors)

The minimum age requirement for student-permit applicants is 16 years old, so some applicants may still be minors at the time of their applications. In this case, they should submit an original copy of a duly notarized authorization letter from a parent or a legal guardian. The letter must explicitly state that the applicant will be allowed to secure a student permit. Likewise, minors must also submit an original and photocopy of one valid government-issued ID of the parent or guardian.

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4) Any issued ID with photo and signature

Minor or not, the applicant must submit an original and photocopy of any ID (school- or employee-issued) with photo and signature.

5) Medical certificate from LTO-accredited clinic

For this requirement, the accredited clinic will electronically transmit the medical certificate to the LTO, but the applicant must also present a hardcopy of the certificate during the application.

6) Theoretical Driving Course certificate of completion

Student-permit applications now require the prior completion of a 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC), certificates of which will only be issued by LTO Driver’s Education Centers or LTO-accredited driving schools. For a full list of the latter, click here (list updated as of August 13, 2020).

7) Tax identification number (TIN) ID (only if employed)

If the applicant is already employed, he must also present his TIN ID along with the other requirements.

As a final note, foreigners who intend to secure a student permit with the LTO must also bring their actual passports and photocopies of the relevant pages. The entry date in the passport should be at least one month before the date of application. The foreigner’s visa must also be valid for at least one year from application.

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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