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Apparently, this is how some manhole and drain covers are tested

Mesmerizing stuff
PHOTO: PamlineTV | Saint-Gobain PAM Canalisation

Considering durable manhole or drainage covers are all that’s keeping your car’s wheels from being consumed by the abyss in the event of a flood, you’d hope a lot of work goes into making them as reliable as possible.

Now, we’re not sure about how drain covers are tested around these parts, but in other countries, it appears no expense is spared. Watch:

Manhole and drain covers being tested

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The giant device being used to test the covers is called an “endurance carousel” and belongs to a company called Pam Saint-Gobain. There are a variety of different products being tested in the clip seen above, among them, manhole covers for car parks, roadsides, walkways, and other surfaces. We know what you’re thinking: Wait, there’s more than one kind of manhole cover?

Long story short, that is an automated wheel driving on a bunch of manhole and drain covers over, and over, and over again at speed. Is it interesting? Frankly, after about 10 seconds, not so much. But damn, watching this test take place is pretty mesmerizing stuff.

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PHOTO: PamlineTV | Saint-Gobain PAM Canalisation
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